Graphic Play – What does it mean?

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Over the last two days this image has haunted me.  Out of the blue people on facebook, flickr and deviantart have gone nuts over it.


I am not looking for compliments, seriously.  I want to know what this image is saying to you, what it is telling you and how it makes you feel.

As an artist this is important to me.

20 thoughts on “Graphic Play – What does it mean?

  1. The expression on her face is sheer joy. I love the flower in her hair, the way her legs are curled under her. The wings, and the man angel behind her. She is looking out over the universe, with a view of the earth, the moon, the sun…..

    It’s as if she is above it all, in control of her destiny, and sooo blissfully happy. Everything in the shot is color, except the girl, and yet….it is her face to which my eyes are drawn. That is a very cool pic!

  2. I think to me it is about everything that is magical in our world. That fairies, dreams, wishes do exist in our very real world and reality. That we are not alone in this life, this plane, this existence. Life is still playful and amusing at any angle.

  3. Kwoneshe2 Thank you that is a beautiful insight, not manypick up the angel behind the girl.

    Amber Love that thought of fairies dreams and wishes do exit, cute

    Thanks girls, guess perhaps people just needed a bit of that, perhaps it was coming to me smack in the face showing me that I needed a bit of that lol

  4. I see it as an archetype, a person facing The Universte, The Life… And I guess we all respond to archetypes.
    But for me it also has a very personal meaning: it is actually almost an exact image of a vision I used to have about 20 years ago and indicated a very big personal steps I was about to take.

  5. how did u do that? i have a lot more to learn…* sigh 🙂 hmm….the world is so small,i wonder how i was so fed up with it…..even small things have a life,and in tghem many more…it is their disunity and unity which causes them to live 🙂

  6. I’m guessing it says either “There’s a cute little fairy up in the sky looking after us, but she can’t really see us because she’s too far away. And she wouldn’t be able to do a thing if a threeheaded alien monster with giant jaws came along, neither does she seem to prevent earthquakes or tsunamis”
    or it may be saying “the Americans are once again so full of themselves they just HAVE to put THEIR part of the world in front, and not OUR part. How come only WE put OUR part of the world in front?”

  7. hmmm…to me it is as if a guardian angel is watching over the earth and laughin at all those foolish people and their doings below and smirkin that its high time we act of age.

  8. An “ANGEL” by its term will definitely have magical powers. Does she needs to show you her arms???? And it depends what you have been upto…that she needs to guard you aganist!

  9. SF: I see you in this image; the you that is hopeful and connected and protected, loved and knowing and basking in that love. It sounds a bit like what Robert wrote that his impression was; I think similar to what he wrote, it is the image of bigger things on the horizon for you; you are on the verge of a large life transition, that i believe that you ready for, but yet, it is still a bit out of reach, but you can see it……

    YEP, this is most certainly you, in my view…..

  10. I totally agree with Vanessa. I see “you” in this. I was and am so happy for the one you did for me of My Angles. I’ve got it printed out and find myself looking at it all the time. Thank you so much for doing it for me. You truly are a living fairy.

    Dude, sorry, you really rub me the wrong way and I try and keep quiet but really. I am an American and take great offense at what you wrote. I am a good person and don’t feel I deserve that kind of remark. You must only know shitty Americans. Sorry Aud.

  11. Enreal did send you some peace hope you felt the hug!

    Robert that is a beautiful vision in its prophecy, your words reminded me of the saying “The world is your oyster” Beautiful

    Vishesh its all ying and yang – if you want help with photoshop shout, I don’t know everything but I know somethings

    TDYK You are so looking for a reaction out of Amber lol *hands over King Pin Mischief Maker of the Month award*

    Deeps Agreed, beautiful thought, but perhaps they are just laughing at you trying to find a hit man for your IT guy?

    Vanessa Thank you for that, it means a lot that others can see what I sometimes lose sight of and remind me from time to time. Sometimes the sunglasses go on when the light gets too bright lol. Beautiful imagery thanks interesting.

    Hayden Whimsical indeed, all depends

    Joy You got it printed??? I was still going to do a better one narna! Glad you liked it! If you have one of all three then I’ll play with that one as well *grins* Art is my true therapy see.

    No sorry’s needed I have awarded Dude with the “King Pin Mischief Maker of the Month award”

  12. We love the idea of Canon Rebel and 3 sample humans going wild and letting their hair down, pulling faces, doing weird kiddy tricks, being kids… You do realise this is what I will get you to do if and when I visit… you will be a kid again.. you do know this???

    Sorry yes, one day I am visiting whether you like it or not!

    I am relieved that you like it, I always get nervous with personal photos like that. Like I said before – if you think of any changes you just shout, no sweat!

    Is it time for a drink yet… hmm I feel like one!

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