Tired of Africa

imageYou think South Africa is the golden child in Africa, we are the untouchables,  the ones that overcame Apartheid.  There have been news reports stating that there is no doubt, and I mean no doubt, that Zuma is our next President.

All is fine, he is manipulatable like the British once thought Mugabe was but one can only “hide” for so long.  This snake seems to show his true colours every now and then and the world just doesn’t see it.

I’ll expose everybody – Zuma
05/08/2008 21:02  – (SA)

Pietermaritzburg – African National Congress president Jacob Zuma on Tuesday vowed he would take down other officials if the state continued to pursue him for alleged corruption in South Africa’s multi-billion rand arms deal.

Speaking at the end of a two-day court hearing on the legality of corruption, fraud, racketeering and money laundering charges laid against him last year, Zuma told his supporters that the “whole truth” about the arms deal might be revealed if he were put on trial.

“Thirty million, thirty million,” the crowd chanted in response, referring to a weekend report alleging President Thabo Mbeki had taken money from a German arms dealer on behalf of the ANC.

Zuma on Monday applied to the Pietermaritzburg High Court to have the charges against him quashed because he wasn’t given the opportunity to make representations in the case before he was indicted.

To read the rest, if your stomach can handle it: I’ll expose everybody – Zuma

One tip though Mr Zuma… when you are going to threaten people it is probably best to continue to do it privately and NOT in public forum.  Mind you it doesn’t really make a difference considering they are still chanting “We will KILL for Zuma”

6 thoughts on “Tired of Africa

  1. Corruption is everywhere. If there’s a court and he’s standing trial, it’s a good sign. It means you at least try to be a democratic country. I can say the same about us and Olmert.

    I guess the difference is Olmert has finished his career because of this, and from what I read I understand Zuma is about to BECOME president?

    I see it as criminal – how can a man who irresponsably started a war without having all the facts and sent out hundreds of 20-year old soldiers to their death (one of them our neighbor), be resigning because of something so trivial as money corruption??

  2. FW Aye he must be indeed but he has weathered many a storm… *shrug*

    TDYK Yes Zuma is said to become president, please note that we haven’t voted yet but some are stating it as pure fact. I hate politics for all the reasons you have stated here and elsewhere.

    SG I am shocked why ever not??? *grins*

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