TDYK on Senses…

Thatdudeyouknow aka TDYK (because we are lazy) pasted this in a comment but I thought it was just too good to stay there! Thanks TDYK… btw are you admitting to being an Animaniacs fan now?


Yakko: The sense of sight
Is what guides us right
When we go out on walks.
Wakko: The sense of smell’s
The way you tell
That you need to change your socks.
Dot : The sense of touch
Is what hurts so much
When you bang your toe on the bed.
Yakko: The sense of hearing is something good
‘Cause if a tree falls in the wood
Would there be a sound? You bet there would
If it landed on top of your head
YW+D : Your head
If a tree lands on top of your head!

Wakko: The sense of taste
Affects your waist
Yakko: Which makes five senses in all.
Dot : There’s a sixth sense, too, but it’s hard to explain
It’s a psychic connection that’s inside your brain
So you can understand people like Shirley MacLaine
Yakko: Who wear crystals they bought in the mall
YW+D : The mall
Who wear crystals they bought in the mall!

Yakko: And now the other senses!

Dot : There are scents you can smell
Like cologne from Chanel
Or the scents of expensive perfume.
Yakko: There are scents of flowers
We hope overpowers
The kitty box next to your room.
Wakko: There’s a sense of pride
You have deep down inside
Yakko: When you practice a sense of fair play.
Dot : There are dollars and cents that you pay at a toll
Yakko: Or the census man who is taking a poll
Wakko: And a sense of confusion; we’re out of control
YW+D : And they really should take us away
They really should take us away!

Dot : There’s a sense of humor
A sense of doom, or
A sense of awe, sense of timing.
Yakko: The sense of a word
A sense of absurd
Like trying to do all this rhyming!
Dot : There’s incense
Wakko: And horse sense
Yakko: And common sense, it’s true.
Dot : Sense of wonder, sense of beauty
Wakko: Sense of honor, sense of duty
Yakko: A sense of doubt, a sense of danger
Dot : A sense of fear, when you meet a stranger
Wakko: A sense of style, a sense of worth
Yakko: A sense of direction for knowing the earth
YW+D : A sense of dread as we’re singing this song
That it’s starting to turn out completely all wrong
And it’s time that we end it because it’s too long
‘Cause it just doesn’t make any sense
No sense
It just doesn’t make any sense!

7 thoughts on “TDYK on Senses…

  1. I guess I’ll have to… When were they aired originally? End of the 90:s, right? I turned 18 in 2000 so I was in my late teens. I can defend myself with:
    1 – I had younger brothers who watched them
    2 – They were great and I still think so

    A sad thing I’ve heard from the generation that had these programs as part of their childhood (my brothers’ generation) is that Animaniacs was the only place where they learned stuff like this. There’s also Yakko’s world, Wakko’s American states, The american presidents, etc, etc. All on youtube.

  2. Hah! ok so you’re an old man now! Sheesh sneaky oks. Aye I have heard the same thing

    Did you also learn all the states while in school? We had to know each one off by heart, strangely.

  3. *Strikes of the part where it says I’m an Animaniacs fan*

    ISF seems to be digging these itsy, bitsy, tiny, little secrets of mine…(in other words, love the post!)

  4. Glaize, you mean my sources are correct??? Dang I was hoping not to pay them a bonus, now guess I’ll have to!

    TDYK yeah same here though the states we learnt at school, along with the different flags of the world and their meaning… we had an interesting education probably because we weren’t allowed many places.

  5. Ah, think I misunderstood you. There’s an animaniac song about the states of the US, I was referring to that. All the countries of the world… we learned Europe and Asia and the larger countries in the rest of the world, but I’ve learned most by myself. I know Europe, their flags and their capitals more or less by heart, including all former USSR states in Asia. Rest of Asia I know more or less, but I get a little confused around southeast.
    Europe wasn’t easy to our teachers to teach in school, since I was to learn those things around 1990-1991. From one year to another everything kept changing…
    I know the names of the states in Africa and in Central and South America, but many of them I have a hard time placing on a map.
    I obviously know more or less the neighbouring African countries. That is North Africa, and down the East coast. But Africa is really confusing.
    But you can always get better using this game
    It exists as a facebook application also. I love it =)

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