World Tour Announced!

Well it is a start in any case.  We are busy setting up a World Tour for Amber to visit all her newly adopted brothers, sisters and friends (including my farting dog).  There is no set Itinerary as yet so keep your eyeballs peeled for further announcements!

… hah! You thought we were kidding (so did Amber, don’t worry)



If you’re not listed above and want to be apart of the internationally acclaimed world tour please give us a shout and we’ll add you to the itinerary and adoption listings.

Thank you kindly

AmberMoon World Tour Foundation

31 thoughts on “World Tour Announced!

  1. LOL world tour…. too funny… OMG.. I look like a monkey. Do I smell like one too? Thank god everyone else does too or that would be…a challenge.

    Im housetrained – mostly! Just in case any of you were wondering!

  2. Amber house trained? rofl you most definitely look like a monkey and sources close to me say that you smell like on toooo… oh what fun we are going to have in a couple of weeks!

    Froggywoogie you hadn’t said anything re adoption so I wasn’t sure – will upload your profile lol… *grins*

    You’re added

  3. How cute we all are! We look fabulous! 🙂

    TDYK says: I can agree that Israel “is real”, but you might want to write the actual name of the country, and not a definition. There are many other real countries in the world. 😉

  4. FW done deal

    Holeycheese & TDYK OMG I can’t believe I mispelt that how typical sheesh *hits self on head* tsk well it looks quite funky hmmm – will go change it, watch this space!

    Vanessa hmm I actually don’t know – I thought it was the most scary picture and thought it fitting for me… hang on

  5. Lol. TFF Sanity Found! Does Amber require a special diet? because as much as I love her – I’m not breaking my legs from slipping on bananna peels. I’m getting too old to properly heal from broken bones. And she must not swing from my chandalier – she can jump on the bed though! Lol PLL, CordieB.

  6. ROFLMAO I would love to see her response to that one! Swinging off chandeliers omg you! phew *breathe* too funny … last I heard she isn’t into bananas anymore, apparently more into the kiwi’s (fruit)…

  7. Lol did you see I fixed it? What a blonde I am sorry bout that. You mean to say you don’t use Google Reader? I add peoples Comments RSS feed into that so that I know when someone is ripping me off or responding to me – generally when I remember to check that folder.

  8. I use Google Reader for posts, not comments. Tried to use it for comments but I went crazy. Couldn’t know which comment belonged to which post.

    WordPress has it’s own excellent comment reader that automatically adds any comments where you comment yourself. You just need to make sure you check it often, because you can only see the ten (or so) latest.

  9. Ah oks coz mine tells me for what post and by whom etc – it is the only way I can make sure you aren’t telling people my cookies suck see.

    Apologies if you know this – add /comments/feed after a persons blog address in GR and it will give you all the details

    WordPress one works but as you say it only keeps a certain number in the “screen”

  10. Shhh don’t let Amber know that I send the Hair Monkey to you as well!!! I feed him extra bananas see. Lol hey there may be a full blown expozay coming up … haven’t done a chimpin’ in a while!

  11. Who did your hair for that photo sanity found?…it looks great…one of your best photos of yourself. Thanks for taking the time to line all of this up. later…DM

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