Prison Break – The true story


It’s the 16th of August in the year 2008, things are moving ahead and the plans are coming together.  The house is still all but for the gentle hum of the refrigerator and the kettle I just put on, my captives are out.

Every time they leave I sit down and do a few more tattoo’s over my body with permanent marker.  Different colours for different routes, the escape plan and the passages I need to go through to make it to the other side safely.  My body is almost fully covered in these markings now, my old soul imagemasked and prepared, its almost time. My tattoo’s…

Code:  Barcode

Meaning: Sell Everything

I am trying to sell everything that I own, literally everything except for the kitchen sink.  I have come to accept that I do not need these things where I am going.  Where I am going I do not know, that is a tattoo I am still looking for.

Things that I am selling: Bed, TV, Hifi/DVD Player, Microwave, Kettle, Toaster.  Everything else I will give away to those that need.  Everything that doesn’t sell in actual fact.

Sell all artwork lying in storage, get paintings from gallery and/or organise a contingency plan should they manage to sell items once I have escaped.

imageCode:  Money

Meaning: Make it

Complete the website and get final payment for services rendered.  Also set up a fixed retainer agreement for maintenance of the site.  Continue to do brand re/generation for companies and individuals.  Continue teaching people the basics of computers.

Save save save.  Keep on trying to save as much money as possible to buy plane ticket and survive for a month minimum in a foreign country.

image Code:  Lion

Meaning: Find an international job

An obscure image for this code.  This amazing creature has staying power, it spots what it wants and it goes for it.  It has strength and speed, resilience in the face of anything.

The current job market in South Africa is in a recline.  I am of the wrong racial group and come last in the running due to this. Continue to apply for jobs overseas even if they don’t like South Africans, someone will crack sooner than later.  Apply for nanny jobs as well as the cruises, apply for anything other than selling body and the likes there of.

Number of jobs applied for so far: 2000 and counting

image Code:  Language

Meaning: Finish studies

Complete my TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) course.  I have to finish this course by the end of September and I still have a lot of essays to write.

Once this has finished then further job applications will be sent out with regards to this.

Study study study this could be a sure ticket out

imageCode:  X marks the spot

Meaning: Where to from here

Start formulating a plan as to where the first stop will be once escape takes place.  Countries that do not require visa’s are high on the list along with friends that are family.

The end game is essential, finding the X will put everything else into place.

Two options available:

  1. Find a job first and then head to that country to work either through teaching or something else such as nanny work, recruitment, photographic assistant, anything and everything that I can do.  Jack of all trades might be handy here.
  2. Escape and look for work once I land in area / location.

imageCode:  Fairy & Bird

Meaning: Faith in the unbelievable making it believable

Fairies have magic and powder that they sprinkle on all believers.  Believe and have faith that the escape plan will work, keep refining it to the point of perfection while executing all lead up points.

Believe in its possibility and all things are easier, keep the faith.

imageCode:  Moon & Stars

Meaning: Destiny and Friends

The supreme man in the moon, my drinking partner with fermented grape juice packed with essential vitamins and minerals.  He saw my birth, he will see my death, he sees my now and he hears my rants, raves and teary rivers.

Destiny will be what it is meant to be, have faith in what will be and never lose sight of what feels right.  Follow gut and trust.

Stars are the brightest in the sky, friends lighting the way.  They remind me that I am not alone.

imageCode:  Head vs Body

Meaning: Torn

The time will come when the head and heart will be torn in two by what I leave behind and what I face in the future.  All escapes have this element and it is normally only truly felt at that last moment.  That moment where we step over that threshold with no turning back.

If I know it is coming then I can prepare.  Prepare I must for this plan will succeed no matter what.

I must keep with the plan and not let the head be torn off the body or visa versa.


Code:  Four leaf clover

Meaning: Luck

If all else fails start searching for a four leaf clover.

If I can’t find one then I move to Hawaii, they grow them there.

SF aka soon to be escape artist

19 thoughts on “Prison Break – The true story

  1. TEFL is a magic key to unlock many doors in countries where English is not the first language. Good luck in achieving your studies.
    BTW there are good sites where you can teach English online, wherever you are in the world

    Sell everything BUT your computer please

  2. There is a significant number of people in the United States who do not speak English, or at least not well. There are many English as a foreign language courses taught at adult schools and the like. In fact, the local adult school district in my area has both ESL (English as a Second Language) and computer classes – sounds like you would be a qualified instructor for both.

  3. Third: DO NOT SELL THE COMPUTER!!!!!!!

    I am so glad that you are embracing the “tats” as your way to slip away disguised, and to never lose your hope, your faith…… the day that you are settled in your new home, this will seem so far away and long ago, this journey to your bliss……

  4. Froggywoogy you are a starball! Thanks you – great movie btw!

    DM Some days I need to stare at the moon more, some days it is better… thanks you

    Ilegirl You are too sweet, has Amber not warned you yet how insane I really am??? Thanks so much for the offer, info and especially for the opportunity to teach your dog to meditate. I just got a consignment of gas masks, going to brand them with a few of our sayings but especially the “meditate on this” one! Thanks again, wow.

    Joy Thanks so much hun, don’t laugh but I have even started to talk to plants going “please please help me get out of here” then to the moon is “guide me” ah then I get distracted with the cookies!

    Vanessa I feel what you say, I really do. Thought you would enjoy the tats lol nope not getting reals you know me I run a mile for a needle! Thanks so much for the offer of the bed as well… you never know huh i might just take you up on it so careful – I am dangerooos

    The computer is not mine.

  5. “If I can’t find one then I move to Hawaii, they grow them there.” LOL —- you are a walkin talkin owner of your own destiny and luck. You are going to make it just fine and a very smooooth fine as well…!

    Btw, I also think you missed out on being a accomplished author/writer…Once this is done and you are the most famous writer anyone has seen, Bet you dont need any clovers or need to sell anything or fairies. Punk!

  6. You are forgiven 4 posts for this one… you now only owe 3… for this one was that kind of amazing! We are ALL pulling for you. We are all here helping to plan your escape. You can count on us….

  7. Deeps hun all I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart, yes we all carry our own four leaf clovers but alas it is always fun finding one! PUNK! Who you calling punk huh punk???

    Amber FOUR??? *does loopy partay dance* you kidding with me? pulling the wool over my eyeballs? serial? phew. Thanks you, it really does mean the world to me that I can get pro advice on the different routes and plans.

    Thanks again everyone… wow!

  8. I second Deeps ~ you missed out on the author/writer part. I’m sure you’re gonna make it out of there, sis! You got it in your hands.

    Best wishes!

  9. Thanks hun yers we shall see, the escape plan is in place just got to get those stupid things sold.

    Back up plan is to leave them there for the time being and get going. hmmm

  10. Today for some reason it felt more tangible, other day sit is so distant and frustrating lol. Aaaaah! Thanks so much for your support, your words of encouragement really do help more than I can say. Seriously, thank you.

    I live with the knowledge that each moment of my life holds a valuable lesson, a chance to improve and to grow. I try to experience everything full, always have done and I hope I always will. Perhaps it is the same for you?

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