Let’s Get to Know Each Other – Food Edition

I am picking this up from Joy’s blog with this post by Sue (I am trying to confuse you here) … Let’s Get to Know Each Other – Food Edition.  Am in the mood for Meme’s (need to find my humour again and well studying is just not filtering into the brain)

Gum or breath mint? With my mouth open? Never but sometimes I do

Can or bottle? A bottle of wine will do

Wine or champagne? One after the other or together with strawberries?  Ooo-ooo-oooo chocolate coated strawberries WITH the cellar… how’s that?

Chips or crackers? Here “chips” is screamed on the top of your lungs to let someone know that someone else is coming… or rather it is I that got it wrong all the time, it is meant to be a quiet urgent whisper as in “chips chips here she comes quick quick hide the bottle” (orange juice… ok it was grape)

Crackers are what you call someone who is crazy “Doofuss is crackers for trying to jump of the bridge forgetting the bungee rope”.

So the question, Chips or Crackers? How bout I just say that I put cracker on the chips.

White bread or wheat bread? Low GI Health bread with dehydrated grapes, half dead nuts and all things nice.  Cinnamon bread with almond sprinkles, Danish pastries and Hansel.  YUM

English muffin or bagel? Depends what I am drinking with it, fermented grape juice or coffee?

Peanut butter or jelly? Jelly? Do you guys put jelly, as in jelly, on your toast and bread? JELLY?  This is what we call Jelly in South Africa so you can understand why I had to google this “fact” in total shock…


So after a seriarse google I came to realise that it is indeed fruit preserve and/or jam.  In that case my answer is Peanut Butter & Jam sammich with NO butter. 

Jelly looks delisharse yers?

Milk or juice? Milk and cookies under a warm blanket watching a cool movie or better yet some fermented grape juice.  Wait what juice are we talking about here? Grape or Orange?

Waffles or oatmeal? Again is there a choice here? I mean oatmeal is a breakfast of healthy proportions mixed in with strawberries and syrup.  Waffles are pudding/dessert smothered in ice-cream, bananas, caramel and syrup… My thighs love both, can tell you.

Peas or green beans? Mixed together with a huge dollop of real butter and a sprinkling of sea salt and herbs YUM.  I normally eat this as a meal all on its own. (you can stop laughing now, it’s not like it’s brussel sprouts or anything now is it!)

Beef or Pork? BEEEEEEEF unless its still alive (I’m just saying that all my meat needs to have no traces of “alive”) and Pork I will eat if it doesn’t taste like pig.

Chicken or fish? Chicken legs and their arms, suppose a few breasts as well just not that white stuff.  Fish if the thing has one eye ball I’m out of the room and hurling, bones and me don’t get along too well either.

Mexican or Italian? Italexican <– have you never had it??? Sheesh you seriarsely have not lived yet!!!

Noodles or rice? Hmmm Mushroom cheese rice yummy.  I devour both but never on the same plate.  I have a one starch rule that dates back to the time of Goliath.  I was Goliath.

Grilled or fried? Depends what we are talking about here flied lice? No we no like lice.

Fresh or frozen? …. erm what are we talking about here? Fresh or frozen chicken? Veggies? Jelly? Beef? I prefer my cow fresh and my veggies raw in salad form.  What ever you do DO NOT try freeze tomatoes… had slight accident with them once.  Frozen oranges injected with vodka are quite nice though.  Are those then fresh and frozen?

Apples or oranges? Pink Ladies and Granny Smiths at a tea party are always good but be careful of the Satsuma’s they just get messy.

Broccoli or cauliflower? With cheese sauce? YUM together please but with only one uno singular requirement… that they are washed.  In boarding school they never washed them and hence they tended to be on the extra crunchy side if you get my drift…

Yogurt or pudding? I eat yogurt as pudding… Bulgarian yogurt with honey and nut sprinkles … *drool*

Fudgesicles or Popsicles? Google and Joy confirm that this is in fact not fantasy.  Frozen chocolate on a stick OMG how deeeeevine does that sound? So added to the list is Fudgesicles AND s’mores.

Ice cream or sherbet? Depends with what, I generally don’t eat ice-cream alone.

Peanuts or pretzels? Both but never from a bowl in a bar.  You’ve heard the story right? Enough said.

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner? I generally tend to forget, well in the old days now it is “EAT NOW” and “you don’t like raw meat? Here is an extra serving just for you”  … relax I am a rebel and the dog sleeps under my chair at the table!

5 thoughts on “Let’s Get to Know Each Other – Food Edition

  1. You crack me up. I guess you’ll have to put Minnesota on your “places to visit” list. We’ll make you some smores and you can have your chocolate on a stick. You should google the Minnesota State Fair and see all the other things we eat off a stick. It’s like a contest 🙂

  2. Froggy lol can you believe that South Africans tend to believe that their fermented grape juice is better than the French??? *shocked*

    Glaize am hungry now

    Joy There is no question Minnesota is on the list of to do’s these s’mores fascinate me I found myself googling them to just drool (odd I know). Um are you telling me you guys have a stick eating contest??? hmmm need more details…

    Hayden you have excellent taste! Ahhh Winnie the POOH waffles YUM

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