2 Tone ~ Guilty Pleasures

imageI know it sounds like a porn fluff thingie but it sounded cool to me so there ya  go.  Ok I’ve been dodging long enough and so I have decided to gracefully accept the challenge.  As always though I find it hard to follow rules so hmm

Ammonyte  tagged it Guilty Pleasures & Under-appreciated Gems.  Originally it was about the music, tv, etc but I have not lived so my hand was forced, I break rules.

“Its about things that I still enjoy that I don’t really shout from the rooftops about myself.  Those little closet things in my personality… that I enjoy…” as noted in “Guilty Pleasures – Meme tagged by Ammonyte..

*breathe* I can do this

1.  I eat Kiddies meals at McDonalds just for the toys, when they had Winnie the Pooh toys a couple of years back I went on a McDonalds diet.  (shush) 

2.  I adore jam IN Peanut Butter (Amber likes it the other way round and so I had to be different) and fresh white bread, I’m talking jam dripping off the thick slice (has to be thick).  This is my midnight snack of choice especially if I get home late, actually any at any given time.  I have also served this for dinner. BTW just thought I’d warn you, PB&J dinner partay way cool!

3.  I know the words to a few Britney Spears songs (*hangs head in shame and reminds herself to deny deny deny*). 

4.  I watched Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time in January this year and I was blown away.  I became a fast addict and watch it often when no one is looking. (right now that means at 2 am when I can’t sleep with earphones and Peter Pan sarmies)

5.  I have a Winnie the Pooh soft toy that I sleep with (sadly bear is in storage right nows).  When ever I got scared I’d take Winnie with me. (stop laffing)

6.  I love LOVE skinny dipping except the last time I got busted by the security guards over in Ceres (SA) – luckily a) I don’t live in that very small town and b) I am a fast swimmer so was able to get to the other side of the pool before he caught me properly… unluckily… a) It was full moon b) he was a fast runner and c) We had to leave the wine

7.  I adore being barefoot especially in summer, winter it’s always my thickest socks (hey its cold) and right now I have three pairs on because it is snowing again.

8.  I love watching Cool Hand Luke (1967), no one knows this and I mean NO ONE… I am old so you have to understand my attraction to Paul Newman’s quality butt acting!

9.  I sometimes very regularly eat cookies for breakfast, they have oats in and sometimes raisins syrup and chocolate chips so they are very very healthy just like museli

10.  I adore a band called The Cure but not many people know of them and think that I am a whack job in search for voodoo

If you can do @mmo’s style then I dare ya or you can succumb to this one… either way folks you are tagged!

21 thoughts on “2 Tone ~ Guilty Pleasures

  1. OMG you know The Cure!!!???

    Yeah erm in some parts of SA it snows to the ground like Ceres, which is a 2 hour drive away from me. Here were I am at the coast it only snows on the mountains which are about 5 km from me… not so exciting but dang cold. Can’t get my head around the fact that on Friday I was tanning in the garden while I was meant to be studying and now 5x tops, 2x pants and 3x socks

    … and Amber wonders why I looked funny there ya go!

  2. Awwwww I’m learning everyday! I knew some parts of Africa could be cold and snowy but not in SA!
    Don’t you dare catching a cold! 🙂

    Yes I know The Cure! I was a fan in the 80’s, these guys were geniuses. Since they are Brits, it happens the fame doesn’t cross the Atlantic ocean if their music is too much of a challenge to the ears.

  3. Aye this is true – I think their latest album isn’t too bad at all though I am still getting used to Bloodflowers, perhaps they tried too hard, it’s been years and I still don’t quite know.

    Now in SA yip we even have our own ski slopes up the East Coast!

  4. I like The Cure, too! They were very cool. David Bowie had the lead singer (Robert Smith?) on his 50th birthday party concert, and it was awesome.

    Geez, thanks – now I am absolutely craving pb&j, but promised my husband I’d make pasta for dinner.

    See, that wasn’t so bad was it? You were brave, and it all turned out well. Deep cleansing breaths!

  5. Ilegirl you HAVE to be kidding haven’t seen the dvd yet so going to have to source in a big way once I have landed somewhere other than here! Tell hubby that the pasta escaped and it’ll have to be P&J’s with a bottle of the white stuff… waaaay healthier in any event. DANG now I feel like some, typical typical typical… what is worse doing a cookie ad and drooling or talking about P&J’s? Both are just plain torture!

    ifoundme… erm… come again.. you guys have a WHAT? A Happy Meal Museum??? *falls off chair and hopefully doesn’t bruise more limbs* I am both shocked and then not… ok I am SHOCKED!

    Donstuff you went and made my day, that and Boys don’t cry are two of my all time favourites! Thanks you

  6. hmm..lol i don’t feel guilty about anything 😛

    lol damn i dont have of those toys 😛

    btw we are supposed to do a project on Folk tales from different countries of the world…and when it was my turn to choose,i remembered you:P and told SA 😉 lol..can you tell me about some folk tale from your country? 😀

  7. You know, my day really has been made knowing that there are so many people that actually know The Cure – I get so many blank stares when I utter their name, so sad that lol

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