Special Toilets…

I have been inspired by A Broad’s post Quit Complaining Part Deux – some things are just too funny.  BTW Has anyone else ever had that scary experience of a Parisian Toilet???

image image image image image image

(A constipated winter is never a good thing apparently)




(Long walk to freedom…)

image image image image image

(At least you can practice your aim)





(What are they trying to say with that pink lid… huh???)

image image image  image image

13 thoughts on “Special Toilets…

  1. Seriously! The WC in the 2nd photo would be amazing! Had a great laugh and now, am off to catch up and do some commenting!

    Don’t think I’ve forgotten you all! 🙂

  2. Glaize *sniff* glad you’re back sheesh almost sent out the rescue squad!

    Nikhil *grins* glad you enjoyed!

    A Broad dang never thought of that one! LMAO sheesh shit indeed!

  3. the fifth one looks like a cuckoo clock..hahaha
    and the first one,amazing. men would go to the toilet more often than women if its like that.ü

  4. These are terrific. I also love the costume. Great for Halloween. I’ve also seen that sucker deal in the stores!! How funny is that?? Pink, you like pink? You should have pink toilet…or maybe one that dispenses cookies!! LMAO!!!

  5. Headcracker LMAO @ cuckoo clock funny

    Arvind Cozy indoods!

    Vishesh *grins*

    Joy Yeah can just see it now “on special no one wants shit” … dispenses cookies ???? OMG ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww LMAO

    Cordie Glad I got you laughing sis!

    Ilegirl You betcha, doubt if he’ll ever recover – I would sue!

    Donstuff I have a joke about that – too early to quote so will post!

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