Let’s Get to Know Each Other – II

imageOh dear here is part 2 by Sue over at Joy’s “Let’s Get to Know Each Other – II

Paper or plastic? It all depends what we are talking about here… Touch? Then paper

Paper towel or napkin? Napkin if I am not doing the washing – reminds me of good times past.

Mop and bucket or Swiffer/Clorox mop? What are these things?

Dog or cat? Mine currently is a WHIMPASS scaredy-cat that is in reality and by all accounts (DNA testing still pending) a farting dog.

DVD or VCR? VCR? What is this

Dishwasher or hand wash? I am allergic to washing up liquid, seriarsely now.  Dishwasher all the way and if I don’t have the machine then a human one.

Stay up late or get up early? erm how bout go to bed late and wake up early? My norm go to bed round 1/2 am then wake up round 6 am

Shower or bath? Phah! Jacuzzi thank you very much! Sheesh

Bar of soap or body wash (liquid soap)? erm does it make a snob if I say I don’t use soap bars? Just germs see

Manual razor or electric shaver? both

Undies or commando? Lets just say I prefer to be covered under a skirt in windy conditions

Full cover PJ’s or a sexy little number? sexy little number

Snore or drool? I do neither, I am a very elegant sleeper

City or Country? Non South African

Mansion or Cottage? a Home

Windy and warm or cool and calm? Right now we are having the worst storm reported since 2001 can I please have the big YELLOW BALL in the sky back NOW!

Real sun or fake bake? what is fake bake? Like buying cookies from the store along with the “fresh baked” spray, laying them all out on the pan and saying that I baked them? That kind of thing? Will send photos of my freshly baked cookies shortly!

Sunglasses or big floppy hat? I have a really small face, hats make me look like a dehydrated Yoda…

Rain or snow? SNOW FIGHTS … I don’t mind, I love dancing with my tongue out in either

Cell phone or land line? I don’t support the local landline mafia company so its mobile/cellphone all the way though I never use it

Internet shopping or going to the mall? crowds irk me so unless its with a whole bunch of people or a quiet time then generally a bit of both… all depends what I am buying as well …

Living your life or living someone else’s life? Definitely my life for each have their own problems, at least I know mine.

6 thoughts on “Let’s Get to Know Each Other – II

  1. Very witty answers, dearest SF. No drooling or snoring – wow you are elegant sleeper! Hopefully you don’t wet the bed either! You sound just like me. I’m elegant too; i even wear lipstick on occasion! lol PLL, CordieB.

  2. That is the strangest let’s get to know I’ve read so far.
    If I have the choice of the question I’ll pick the dish washer/hand wash thing. I LOVE hand washing. Really. I relax doing it. I can even wipe it up afterwards. Yup I’m like that!

  3. Cordie nope no wetting beds either, I am true class when I have cat naps lol … lipstick huh, tried that once but then I ended up with North American Indian stripes all over my face AND the pillows lmao

    Froggywoogie Indeed it was very strange but I thought it was funny at the same time… I mean drool… sheesh… Wow you can do dishes??? *admiration face* rather you than me is all I can say!

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