Can I pick your brain?

imageEnreal from journals of Enreal tagged me for this one – kind of a strange one  but fun all the same.  Thank you Enreal for putting a question that has had my head wrapped round a pole for the last couple of days.  It is something I have often thought about and I never stay with just one person.

Enreal called this a YouYou and not a Meme… think she is spot on in a way… ok now for the rules: 

  • Choose whose brain you want to pick.
  • Ask a question about what you always wanted to know from that person, never mind whether it may be indiscreet – so be cautious
  • Tag (with a TrackBack) the person
  • Oh, yes, and of course answer the question that you were asked, more or less detailed

The question posted to me?  if you could spend one hour in someone else’s shoes… who would it be and what would you do? 

My answer is Nelson Mandela.  I choose to be in his shoes for that hour not because he is South African, not because of any reason other than the fact that I feel he is one of the most influential people alive today.  When he walks into a room world leaders listen, they pay attention and they all want to be seen rubbing hands with Madiba. 

As Mandela for an hour I would call two meetings.  One for all the world leaders and the second for the leaders of the African nations.  I would address all the leaders I world and point to each single one in turn and tell them to wake up, shake up and leave their ego’s at the door.  They have a world to heal not to manipulate and warp to their own benefit.  In both meetings there will be discussions about the children that starve while they play war games as if it were Risk.  In the Leaders of Africa meeting I will just put on a slide show of all the starving, malnourished, dying children.  I will play it through and say thank you while looking at each and everyone.  Thank you for killing our nation.

Hmmm either Mandela or Carmen Electra, some days I just want to know what it is like not to have an ironing board where cleavage should be.

Now my question, it is to each and everyone of you that go to this point.  I can’t tag there are just too many people and I will be here till next month.  I have little patience… anyway’s back to the question image

If I handed you a magic wand for a day, what would you do with it?

Funny, straight, serious, curved, square, round… doesn’t matter, if you’re up for the challenge go wild with it!

10 thoughts on “Can I pick your brain?

  1. Well all men will use it to extend their men-hoods, so that just leaves the fluffy bunnies (or at least the fluffy bunnies who don’t use the wand to expand their breasts).

  2. I would 1) set myself up with mad finances, 2) get me and Beloved’s body in crack physical condition, and 3) give myself the power to fly.

    Oh, and breathe underwater. Maybe I’d make myself a mermaid!

  3. I would clean up the world… like in cinderella… the fairy god mother simply tapping her little wand and fixing everything… imagine… tapping an empty table and filling it with food to feed families. Making a cardboard box an actual home… curing disease and making the ordinary extraordinary. We have to make it last… otherwise the whole world will turn into that pumpkin… what a mess

  4. @mmo I didn’t know you liked bunnies – bunnies with perms?

    Hayden lmao excellent! Yeah I’d also do the ability to fly bit oh the fun it could be! Strangely enough I have dreams (sleeping ones) of when I sit under the water and breathe, so peaceful

    Donstuff *hands over the crown for Miss World* Forget America… the whole World! lol

    Enreal I imagine that one often, wouldn’t it be incredible to be able to do that – think it would be heaven!

  5. I’d make the world a better place, whatever that means but I’m sure I’d even not have to do that since you’d have had the magic wand in hands first and you’d have done all the job already

  6. Wow, great minds, you know? besides creating world peace, feeding all of the hungry, and housing all of the homeless, I would also create our opportunity here and now for our own B and B and to make a go of that…….

  7. Magic Waaaand….now finally you give that out…!!! So many things I would do with it….firstly get Peace and charity at my home, then start those outside…and ya, my italian nude painter on the list as well 😛

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