God Bless New Orleans

Cape Town has just had the worst storm since 2001, it’s September and we have snow capped mountains once more after a couple of weeks with temperatures reaching 27C.  Roof’s lifted, people flew (not kidding), tree’s were uprooted, buildings collapsed, typical cape of storms.  Some photos for those who know Seapoint (none taken by me)

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Our newspapers are all over it and true to our nature we are all jumping up and down shouting “good crops this year, good crops! The grapes are going to be PERFECT for the next harvest!”.  We see the positive, that is Cape Town for you, laid back (not laid).

All this happens while millions in the New Orleans area flee for their lives.  It must feel like a recurring nightmare and my heart goes out to them, each and every one. 

I know that I have a few readers from that area and I just want to wish you God speed to get out of there safe and sound.  You are in my thoughts with many hugs to you.

If any of you need anything, I know I am stuck out in SA but shout and I will see what I can organise or perhaps someone else reading the blog will be able to help you – shout and we will hear you.

Hang in there!

4 thoughts on “God Bless New Orleans

  1. Yeah, I couldn’t begin to imagine it. It’s so funny how people complain about rain, a storm or high winds … I want them to open their eyes and see just how bad it can get and how lucky they are.

  2. New Orleans seems to have been saved, by the grace of God, or just dumb luck, either way, it is a miracle….. I hope that the weather with you will not become more frightening….

    Can you say “global warming” everyone????

  3. Lol yeah – was atch quite disappointed with myself re this I mean here I am saying New Orleans forgetting that there were other places in its war path first, places with less structure, funding and resources. Am ashamed.

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