Cape Town, South Africa… The storm photos

*Not taken by either myself or Whimpass dog but sent in via email

Strand Beach (aka the beach closest to me)


Beach Road in StrandBeach Road in Strand 2

Beach Road in Strand 4Beach Road in Strand 3

Boschendal Wine Estate (aka a few km from me)

Boschendal Wine EstateBoschendal Wine Estate2

Three Anchor Bay – proof that Capetonians are mad hatters

Three Anchor Bay 1Three Anchor Bay 2

Three Anchor Bay 3Three Anchor Bay 5

Three Anchor Bay 4 

Brass Bell, Muizenberg (eek least they continued the party)

Brass Bell Restaurant at KalkbaaiBrass Bell Restaurant at Kalkbaai3

Brass Bell Restaurant at Kalkbaai4 

I’m glad I live on top of a really big hill

Thursday: the biggest storm since erm Saturday which was the biggest in 7 years will hit us yipeeee… <– sarcasm

12 thoughts on “Cape Town, South Africa… The storm photos

  1. uuh. the newspapers are only writing about the storm in New Orleans.. seems like your weather is not so nice either.

    I wish I could send some of our hot and dry weather.. (not only for you.. but for us too.. I wish it was a bit cooler here.. 😉

  2. Kwoneshe2 seems the world over is suffering the storms!

    Holeycheese lets swap indeed I think this will satisfy everyone lol its ridiculous normally its hot by now! Yes re New Orleans – no one is reporting Gustav’s damage in the Caribbean.. odd?

    Vanessa dear heart pizza is ordered with a huge grin on my face oooo can’t wait for it to arrive now, got the fire going as well – don’t tell a soul if they ever find out shit

  3. I’m so glad your okay. The news had been focused on New Orleans so I had no idea this was going on over there. Pizza indeed!! What time should I be there?? Stay safe.

  4. I was saddened to learn of the damage caused by this storm from friends who live in
    in Somerset ..
    I visited Boschendale Winery a couple of years ago ..a beautiful place ..I hope that the damage was not too extensive there ..

    We have had rain almost every other day here
    in Eastern Canada .. which during our summer is unheard of ..the world’s weather patterns are totally abnormal this year ..lets hope that next year is better for all of us .

  5. Skip I couldn’t agree more, it seems to have gone all haywire everywhere – September and there is snow on the mountains again – in Africa???

    Hope your rains stop at least before winter begins!

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