Evolution and the Paper Bag (PB)


When I was first challenged by Singleforareason with her Let Us Begin: The Paper Bag I found myself sitting and pondering upon this PB.  I saw PB though, you’ll never believe it, but I did.  Last night I sat outside amongst the stars just me, the wimpass-fart-bag and my weightless telescope, as I looked through the view finder there PB was flying in all his glory through the stratarsphere. 


For those that notice earth, I never said I was on that planet last night so think again.

Anyway’s moving along swiftly while traipsing around the stratarsphere I stumbled upon an envelope destined for our friends over at NASA.  The envelope was stamped with “URGENT” in huge capital letters and bright pink.  I know I thought so as well but then they are the aliens not us after all.  Naturally curiosity got the better of me and I snuck a peak and all that was in inside was this:



Look after the trees or the leaves become PB’s


8 thoughts on “Evolution and the Paper Bag (PB)

  1. Oh, this is hilarious… the last one set me off…truly, there is not a challenge I give out that someone doesn’t totally do something so unexpected and wonderful! This one has sparked some beauties!

    This is wonderful, Sanity!

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