Accepting the skew picture frame

Oil Painting - 0201_450

Ever walked into a room and there up on the wall sits a photo or painting that is skew.  Does it drive you nuts or do you not care?

Don’t know about you but it drives me insane.  Perhaps this is just the Virgo in me coming out but I feel forced to correct it with haste.  That said I can’t always reach it without finding a ladder first, sometimes they are just too high up for my tallness.

Now lets say you didn’t correct it, you are aware of it and you have a whole bunch of friends over.  The whole time everyone is laughing and having fun you are slightly unsettled.  Your mind keeps drifting back to that skew picture up on the wall keeping you from enjoying the moment fully.  You laugh but it isn’t fully. You smile but it isn’t fully.  There is something else on your mind.

If you had accepted that the painting is skew and had peace with the fact that, no matter what, it will remain like that would you be able to enjoy the party more fully?  Would you be able to be fully “in the moment”?

What if that skew picture up on the wall was something within us that we aren’t satisfied with, something that we don’t like about ourselves? Will we ever be happy? Will we ever be free to enjoy people or life fully? or will there always be that lurking unhappiness holding us back?

Sometimes though we walk into a room and something just doesn’t feel right to us but we can’t see what exactly it is. It is almost as if the furniture is not arranged right or something doesn’t click together in our brain, is off but we don’t know what.  Sometimes it is more subconscious and hidden.  It often takes effort to reach up to that skew picture frame and right it within our mind.  Sometimes it takes a lot of sweat and pulled emotional muscles because often the very thing we are unhappy with is hidden from our “view”.

Accepting who we are fully, our pasts, future, present, personality, faults, talents, the works can all be hard work.  The journey to who we are in our entirety is much like a ladder and each rung we climb we get that much closer.  The higher up that ladder we go the harder it can get, pulling ourselves up, higher and higher until we are high enough to put the picture straight, to accept and know exactly who we are.  As we climb we, each rung on that ladder we pass, we get to know ourselves, we get to test it out and see if we like it or not.  If we don’t like something we get to choose whether to change it or accept it, move on or stay a while and tinker.

Some say that the ladder has an end, I say it doesn’t for we are continually growing, evolving and morphing into someone greater.  If the ladder has an end I think we stagnate and fall right back to the bottom rung, how boring is that?

Truth and fact.  We will never be happy with anyone or anything to the point of fully experiencing “them” or the “moment” if we aren’t happy and satisfied with ourselves first.

Climb that ladder and enjoy the climb for it means that you are moving higher and closer to the true you, the real you, the one you are meant to be.

7 thoughts on “Accepting the skew picture frame

  1. You are absolutely right; it is awesome. And it is a fact, if we are not working through our own climb up the ladder, we cannot have happiness with anyone else in our lives, ever. Those issues that bother us the most in others are ALWAYS those which we struggle with the most ourselves, I have seen that shown as true all my life. Keep climbing, girl… it is SO worth it!! And, I have been challenging myself more and more to not tidy the picture frames, or the curtains or towels on the rack…. I am letting go…

  2. Awsome post! “It often takes effort to reach up to that skew picture frame and right it within our mind. Sometimes it takes a lot of sweat and pulled emotional muscles because often the very thing we are unhappy with is hidden from our “view”. So true. But most times, we know. We simply have to muster the courage to unveil it. PLL, CordieB.

  3. Oh Sanity, this is a great read. I hate the askew picture too. It literally drives me up the wall. You are way to smart to be so young. It took me much longer to get it together and most of the time, I still don’t have it right.

  4. I would without a doubt want to and will correct it there and then! Yes! Even though I am a Gemini, I guess it is just some Virgo-an traits in me!!! 😉

  5. True, skew the ladder and the painting to be able to able to skew the missing pieces in your life back..!!! 🙂 And as far as getting the furniture corrected or painting in somone elses house, trust me to tell the same to them 🙂

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