It’s a beautiful day!

Its the first day of spring, woke up this morning and the flowers were out, the sun was shining and the radio said “Be warned there is another massive cold front on the way.  Sunday will be high seas, winds are expected to reach 120km per/hr with hail and snow.”

Good morning sunshine, weather is so much like life that it astounds me.  Sometimes we do get those warnings signs that bad days are about to hit us, heavy rains and winds that try to knock us to our feet.

If you knew you were going to be sad tomorrow would you be happy today, live for today and have fun or would you be sad today about being sad tomorrow?

Hope you have a wonderful day, it may rain tomorrow but the sun is shining today, enjoy it!

It’s a beautiful day
The sun is shining
I feel good
And no-one’s gonna stop me now, oh yeah

It’s a beautiful day
I feel good, I feel right
And no-one, no-one’s gonna stop me now

Sometimes I feel so sad, so sad, so bad
But no-one’s gonna stop me now, no-one
It’s hopeless – so hopeless to even try

16 thoughts on “It’s a beautiful day!

  1. Have a wonderful day.
    Automn is knocking our doors today with a rapid drop in temperature and heavy rains.

    You can borrow our spring and summer as long as you give them back later.
    We are because you are 😉

  2. Some people are optimistic- but then there is SanityFound who careens wildly down the swerving cliffs of hope like a greaser from some 1950s alarmist film about the dangers of drag racing in a souped up Firebird.

  3. Sanity,
    Ever since we came back from Jerusalem and I saw that there were over 30 unread items under sanityfoundin my google reader, I’ve been thinking “tomorrow I’ll read it, tomorrow, tomorrow”. Every day. The situation became worse and worse. Today I looked at it and saw 115 unread posts. Then I said “this is not a work project that needs to be done. This is a blog. If I just mark everything as read, and explain it to Sanity, she’ll understand. Otherwise this will keep going on, and I won’t read her posts ever again. If I do this, I’ll actually start reading her again. Sanity will understand. She will.

  4. Congratulations on your first spring day.. Feels weird that you have spring over there.. we are looking forward to the autumn.. actually we had a cooler day today than regular..

  5. Life is unexpected not only in terms of weather but also with terms of events and the happenings outside. Hope that almighty gives the strength to all those who face the trials of a bad weather or events…and balance it out with smiles on the faces of others 🙂

  6. Yes, life and seasons connect with one another; if I knew that dark clouds were coming, I would delight in the sunshine of today, and then make sure to keep my umbrella handy, or just dance in the rain!!! Love this post, deary!!! MWAH!!

  7. You know the sun always shines rigt? Always. Sometimes we just get stuck looking at the clouds and the rain. But the sun is there. Just waiting for us to take a closer look.

  8. Hey! Ah, yoo hoo! I just posted “Weather Art, The Series”…we begin with rain, might you have any of that where you are that you can whip up into an artistic dish?

    I’m trying to avoid reading newspapers or listening to television. Weather is the only thing I’m interested in. No politics!

  9. islephilosopher Thanks you may it be the same in your world!

    Martha Mwah! Sorry have been so quiets

    Froggy cheeky you are indoods! Hmph I think you stole it because we have had torrential rain since yesterday you should SEE it… hail in September??? Anyone??? NUTS

    SymbolicGodzilla ROFL Dang its good to have you back, you were missed! *sniff*

    TDYK I am surprised that anyone can keep up with me I write so much! No worries as long as you are ok!

    Hayden you should SEE this storm its ridicularse!

    Holeycheese you must be so happy bout the Autumn! If Israel is anything like the other ME countries I understand fully eek!

    Deeps becoming a meme fiend???

    Vanessa something told me you would lol glad you enjoyed it and so true!

    AA That is one of the best ways to see it that i have ever heard, thank you so much! Beautifully put!

    Neilina so very true its all in our perception and how we choose to see it!

    Glaize wb glads there was a hole where you used to bes *sniff*

    W1kkp I avoid it as well though I just found out that there is a sneaky possible “coup” going on here *shrug* Weather Art huh… I will have to check this one out, you know what ever it is it won’t be normal!

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