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“Its always their fault isn’t it, never ours, no no no, don’t be crazy, how one earth can it be our fault? Come now, don’t be ridiculous, us? NEVER will it be our fault, hell no, get a life, wake up, smell some coffee. It’s not our fault it’s theirs!!!”


“What do you mean it is my fault? How dare you even begin to imply that it could be our fault, are you blind? Do you not see what they do? What they are doing to us, our country, our world?”


“What do you do?”


“I am serious, What do you do???”

Can you answer that question, pause for a moment and stop pointing those fingers.

Answer the simple question…

What do you do?

It is not such a hard question to ask, perhaps it is a harder one to answer.

I’m not talking about that big monetary donation you made a big fanfare about giving (Hope that tax break was a great one for your bank account).

No, what I am asking is… What have you done to make this place, this country, this world a better place to live in.  Don’t throw that excuse of “I am only one person” and don’t even being to think of trying the “I have nothing to give” excuse.


We often go through life expecting our governments to do the necessary “dirty” work.  We expect others to fix our homeless problems, our unemployment, our street kids, the pollution, and the state of our world.

Ever put all those spare blankets you have in the cupboard that you never use in the back of the car, the trunk of the car (boot in SA)? I mean what do you do with those extra blankets that lie in your cupboard being eaten by bugs?


Right this minute there are millions upon millions of people, kids, sleeping on the streets. They sleep on pavements, on gravel.  They sleep with spiders crawling up their ripped pants, through their holey shoes.  They sleep with no goodnight kiss. They sleep with no warmth of a cozy blanket or a warm meal in their stomachs.

What do you do?

Do you ever find that you have all this food in the back of your cupboard, food that just sits there getting old and stale, food that is probably past its use by date.  Food that could be dropped off at a shelter on the way to work.  Food that could be given to the kid at your car window at the stop street.


Why is it that people choose to rather shout at these kids? these people? Why is that people choose to curse them and the government for the problem? The irritation of having them beg, having them ask for something that we take for granted each and every day.

[place your politicians name here]

We go on and on about this politician and that politician, this one will do that, that one will do this.  We get into these big arguments about it.  We curse one another and at times it can turn into a full blooded rage.  Newspapers go on and on about it. It gets heated.

Imagine if we all put the same amount of energy into solving the worlds problems. 

You, Me, Us. 

Can you imagine what we could accomplish?

Can you IMAGINE?

There are ways you can help, things you can do, reach out and touch someone’s life, anyone’s life.  If you don’t or can’t get involved then help someone else help someone.

Stop blaming

Start doing

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  1. Everyone Thanks all, glad you liked! Your words, the ones you write each and every day are blankets out of the cupboards in your mind. They really do help so many even without you realising it!

    Amber I am still so angry about the adoption laws, I understand them but don’t accept them. If they are going to be so anal about it, stop us from helping properly then well yeah hmmm

    Joy its never about how much you have, or whats in your cupboards, its about caring, about doing what you do. Writing a post feels like “just words” but it is a blanket to someone in need… might not be that physical one but it can keep a person warm all the same.

  2. Well adoption laws are something I know a little about (at least here in SC).

    First of all the government agencies involved with “these children” had better keep their government jobs because they would NEVER make it out in the real world. It has taken them over two and a half years to do something (for our new kids) that should have taken six months. The DSS attorneys don’t follow up with the court orders, the case workers are shuffled around and have tremendous case loads. All along it’s the kids who don’t have permanent placement that suffer. Not to mention the thousands of dollars we had to spend out of our own pockets to make happen what needed to happen for our “new kids.”

    Now we get a call from the lady who handles the adoption screening asking US if we have had an adoption study done yet. YOU’RE THE ONE WHO DOES THE ADOPTION STUDY! WHY ARE YOU ASKING US IF WE HAVE HAD IT DONE YET?! Just a bunch of idiots.

    Hopefully we should have everything completed by Thanksgiving. But who really knows.

    I think most of the people work in that industry because they can’t get “real jobs.” Maybe there are a few who have good intentions and enter that “industry” to make a difference. Maybe.

  3. Mssc54 I don’t know, I really don’t. It saddens me so when there are so many children out there just begging for a roof and a warm bed, a hug and they fiddle faff around like queen bee’s … *shrug* so sad

    Donstuff that song is perfect!

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