I’ve lost Control

I’m being dead serious

I’ve lost it

Good and proper it is gone

Hope it will come back

Hope I will find it

I doubt it though

It’s gone

I just know I’ve lost it


Never to be once more

I have lost control


8 thoughts on “I’ve lost Control

  1. Robert *grins*

    Abroad Gawd woman I laughed hard at those porn pictures sheesh! Dang how was the eye candy though *wipes brow*

    Lindsey… I live in Afreaka remember tsk, mind you – you get a whole keyboard now that is waterproof, for me that will be a lifesaver considering that I spill my coffee all over it every morning poor thing is looking worse for wear!

    Vanessa hun no no erm sorry gonna laff now ok rofl serial?

    Nathalie oi vey you still speaking Japanesey? lol glad you enjoyed!

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