A sad day for Africa?


I wrote a post this morning which I have deleted, it has little relevance anymore.  The news is out now that Mbeki has been recalled as president of the country and Zuma is to take his place.  Zuma, the same man that can wash AIDS off and numerous other things.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

What the hell is going on, can someone please tell me? This is an honest straight forward question because I seriously feel like I have missed something major, it feels as though I have walked into a time warp.

Can a president just be taken off the post by the political party? I am so lost and one thing I do know is that Zuma as a president is all so very wrong.


15 thoughts on “A sad day for Africa?

  1. Its incredible to me how a whole nation can get brain washed – it makes me wonder at times if I am wrong then I go and read the headline “The decision was made in order to heal the ANC” – they decided to remove our president in order to heal the political party… has everyone forgotten that there is a country involved? Argh *shrug* I’m getting out I just feel bad for the nation.

  2. Well, Mbeki is resigning under pressure from the ANC. Zuma, not being a member of parliament, is not eligible to take his place (but he can run for a seat next year and would be then likely to become president.)
    Last December, Zuma took leadership of the party and there were many anti-Mbeki party members who did not want to wait until next year’s election to have him gone. Last week as I am sure you are well aware of, a judge set aside the case against Zuma on procedural grounds… That paved the way to what happened. Of course, the case will probably be appealed.

  3. Dang you’re good! Know about the judgement but they are talking about it here as if Zuma will take the seat now already. I relieved to know he can’t do it officially – thanks you, it was a barrage of information I don’t normally process, you explained it incredibly!

  4. I just sometimes feel, that it’s no point…I mean just no point. In all this there are those people involved who have made the decision that I hope they themselves regret in their own life to see what kind of country they are building for their own future generations.

  5. What the hell IS going on? We’d better find out before it’s too late! Hang on in there – my thoughts are with you and my beloved sister country South Africa. PLL, CordieB.

  6. Apparantly the whole country has been asking so they published a national thing explaining what can and can’t happen etc. Least I feel a bit more educated now, between Nathalie’s answer and the news me thinks this brain is getting it. We have no president at the moment.

  7. do not panic!
    all will be revealed
    i always take a look at the mail and guardian to see what people are saying
    i seem to recollect there is one article that explains the internal stuff
    something to do with Mbeki economic policy which the unions say isn’t working even though the economy has grown by 8%?

    it’s so shocking to me that the ANC didn’t have the decency to let Mbeki get to the end of his run in 4 months time – pathetic – noooo style – must look really like an intelligent thing to do to the rest of the world – no matter what the jostling that’s going on behind the scenes it’s not cricket is it?!

    Time will tell what the bleep it’s all about

    don’t worry be happy!

  8. Hoh I couldn’t agree more, just read the news I was meant to subscribe from and even Tutu is upset and really worried *shrug* we shall see, they have apparently said that Zuma’s deputy will take the reigns for now (ie Zuma) … lets hope it calms down before the shit hits the fan again

  9. if we want democracry to prevail we need to register to be eligible to vote so we are not led by individuals like malems. this is really a time where our votes will matter

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