Meet Tom Cruise ~ The Exclusive

Yes I know that a few of you movie buffs may have thought that it was one Tom Cruise in particular. I apologise there are in fact 3 in America alone. No, sadly I am not kidding.

This Tom Cruise is from sunny South Africa, who is in fact the cousin of Mon Creep over in England (don’t be alarmed at his hair cut, @mmo will be sorting it out forth with).  When I first spotted him at my window like a peeping Tom I just knew it was Cruise.  The excitement bubbled inside me and soon I started screaming like a full blown groupie but with one slight difference. Mine was fear not adulation.

I know it may seem a bit hard to recognise him in the photo below, for some reason the anti-shake function was not working but needless to say I got the snap.  How did I know it was Tom Cruise? By his funky Top Gun crew cut and not his length. That and the guy looked a bit like a Scientologist in need of some Prozac.  Seriously, I mean look at him!


Ok so perhaps the Prozac more because he had this screaming shaking paparazzi snapping the camera off in his big jawed face the whole time


Hey I got to meet Tom Cruise AND take his photo


13 thoughts on “Meet Tom Cruise ~ The Exclusive

  1. I would let him fly like Top Gun. With a flame up his backside to help him along. He might be a Maverick, but this Iceman will Goose him goodbye. (Damn, that didn’t make sense)

  2. Amber lmao you were “with” me when I found that booger didnt you hear my scream??? ROFL come now admit it, there is a bit of Cruise in him right?

    Joy *grins* I got you at the subject title didn’t I lmao!

    AA Quite literally rolling around on the floor gripping my sides laffing my head off – it made perfect sense… nothing like a bit of jet propulsion to help him on his way to the moon *shivers* I can’t understand why God did not include them in his evolution gantt chart I mean come on we have bug spray to kill the flies now ffs!

  3. I agree it’s Tom Cruise – it’s certainly a freak of nature, a scary monster, a Spawn of Satan.

    I like angryafrican’s suggestion.

  4. Neilina I am very disappointed, Tom left me last night to go find other less appetizing food. Naturally I cried myself to sleep with one eye open and a bat just in case he decided to come back!

    Ilegirl ROFL Spawn of Satan oh boy now I got the giggles sheesh yip need to get my pellet gun out with fire balls!

    Glaize yers now can you imagine seeing that staring at you in the morning as your eyes open?

  5. First, I will get a pillow and shoo it out of my face and then I’ll run out to tell the family that Tom Cruise just stared at my sleeping face – muahaha! ANd then I’ll freak out hehe 😛

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