Racist Name Calling 101


So here is the juice on how to be a “Hypocritical Name Caller” or HNC for short.

You go and read a blog that doesn’t agree with your, lets just say for this instance, political views and you climb onto a high horse that in reality isn’t so high.  You start berating the author without taking the time to first see what the person is about and you start calling them names.  No, I am not talking about what happens on a school playground, I am talking about big adults here.

The key word of centuries? RACIST.

Don’t like what someone says? Call them a racist

Feel that someone is not liking a particular politician? Call them a racist

Feel any anger towards something a person is saying? What ever you do don’t think about it objectively or intelligently! No, just call them a racist.

The Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines racism as a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular racial group, and that it is also the prejudice based on such a belief.

Perhaps this makes it a bit easier to call someone a racist more flippantly.  I am hoping so.  Do the right thing, don’t use your brain, please what ever you do DO NOT do that! Call them a racist!

One of the biggest jokes in the world today is the US Elections.  I am sorry if this offends anyone but it is fact.  They now have a “black” person running for president and they have a “white” person running right along side them.  They are running rather fast if you ask me and to add to that they have taken up the sport of mudslinging.  Quite a big sport these days at that.

Now if it just stayed with the politicians I suppose it would be well, hmm, they’re politicians, it is what they do right? The problem is that they are the “leaders” of the country and therefore the example to the nation.  If they start mudslinging they give that right to their nation, it is standard practice.  Think of it as a “Hannah Montana posing in the nude for an arb magazine” scenario.

So now that there is a “black” and a “white” person running for that big “seat” racism is the BIG word of the moment.  Shock Horror. Here are the rules that are playing out as we speak, please take note of them and make sure to stick to them.  This is a personal health warning due to the fact that if you don’t, you may be labelled as insane or worse, a racist yourself:

If you support McCain and his cronies anyone going against him or his policies you must now call a racist. 

If you support Obama and his cronies then you must call anyone against him or his policies a racist.

This is essential because it will allow you to avoid looking at the facts for what they are and actually thinking about what they mean firstly to yourself and secondly to your country.  It saves both time AND brainpower.

The other thing is if you meet someone from South Africa, call them a racist because they come from there.  Don’t for one second look at their history or let alone take the time to find out. If they come from South Africa they are a racist. Point blank. Racist.

So there you go folks, please ensure to leave your brains and intelligence at the door while discussing politics.

Here’s the truth

Right this minute there is more racial slur in the United States of America than anywhere else and that includes South Africa.

We are not better than America, we just know the difference between a real racist and someone fighting for what is right.

Put your brain where your foot is

Open your mouth for what is right, stand up for it with respect and you will gain respect.

Your message will be heard and people will actually listen.

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14 thoughts on “Racist Name Calling 101

  1. Coming from SA, living here now, this is a word that is bandied about very liberally… the fact is… we are all the same. Our experiences, NOT our race is what have made us different. I wasn’t part of apartheid. I grew up in that era here, but it wasn’t because of me or my generation that it happened. I get upset when friends or family make racist comments. I believe everyone has the opportunity to show themselves for who they are. Regardless of colour. I could be white. I could be coloured. I could be black. What I write here is not dependent on that. Is this about what people see? Is it what people fear? People are scared of those that are not like they are. They fear new and different ways of thinking. Fear is one thing… and those that fear the most about people or races they don’t understand are the ones that give the loudest, biggest, ugliest labels. Bah humbug.

  2. Bojinx I couldn’t agree more, I think we lose sight of the true person by calling them a racist before we even take the time to know them. How many people have lost the opportunity of knowing someone that could change their life positively just because of name calling? Sad and agreed re SA – I am white therefore I am a racist, those who know me know that I see no colour.

    Mindexplosion No one is above anyone, sadly every single country in this world has prejudice of some kind. For me it is just amplified by this election that the US is having.

    Joy and Kwoneshe2 is it wrong of me to say me to? Our papers are full of it, mind you its that and our erm new President? hmm

  3. Gee and all of this time I just considered myself a HNG (Horny Net Geek) – now there is a new set of letters? Thank GOD I will NEVER ever be described as those.

    Racism/prejudice/hate/discrimination in any form is just sad. It is soul destroying and planet destroying and a waste of our energy and resources. When we do that to others, we do that really to ourselves.

  4. Amber ROFL HNG gonna have to steal that one! I couldn’t have said it better, I am because you are – it stands for this as well, hurt me and all you do is hurt yourself.

    Vishesh it’s not all of the USA nor its people, it is the same as saying SA is a racist country, we aren’t anymore… we outnumber the bad apples *grins* see the world is a good place filled with people like you and the rest – because of who you are we can make this world a better place

  5. Hey – thank you for that. It is interesting that people are so sensitive about race that they will immediately throw race out as a “reason” for something because they can hide behind that. It has been an interesting experience writing as AA. Most of those who don’t like what I say immediately attack my “race”. The others who don’t agree with me become friends over time. So many of the people I have come to like through blogging have been people who don’t agree with my view, but like the discourse. Race makes us miss too many things. Now… When it comes to women though… Hehe!

    Thanks for coming to my defence yesterday. I did get a bit down at some stage, but then you or Amber or Lyndsey or someone will just drop a comment and I know that I don’t blog for the bigots, but for those of us who belive in each other. Thank you for that.

  6. Lol us women understand each other and don’t tell a soul I told you this but there is a silent omerta that we don’t tell the male species! “Race makes us miss too many things” I couldn’t agree more, you miss so much beauty in the world by focusing on only a few colours in the prism of life and the world.

    Yers I was deeply saddened by what has gone on your blog but at the same time reading those comments by the people who aren’t ignoramousarses it filled me with hope. There will always be aerosols that get caught up with what is going on on the end of their noses but at the same time there will be more people who see bigger, wider, who see the truth. There will always be more good as long as the good don’t let the bad poison the blossoms.

  7. SF: Great post, and great show of support and respect for AA. I hate the way that this election is playing out, and I do believe in the candidate whom I am supporting (NOT McCain…) and my support of him as a candidate is little related to his race, although the election has become ALL about race; there are many in this country who will not vote because there is a black man running…..as a nation we have come so far in leaving behind our racial issues, but we really have so far to go. Unfortunately, it is almost next to impossible to dialogue about it in a meaningful way, due to the hair trigger response of many people in this country even when you mention race. It really gets me……

  8. I really like that poster.

    We all have biases – it’s human nature. Rational thought usually prevails, and we combat them; it’s all learned behavior, and it can be addressed. The point, though, is that we learn to recognize those biases, and know when we ought to give voice to what is constructive and not fall into the trap of ignorance which leads to the types of behavior you describe. We are who we are, and we can become better than that.

  9. I hope all those politicians come and read this blog and finallly have a different perspective on this earth about the competing party. This automatically would make the world a better place to live in.

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