No1 song on your "day"

imageSeriously I don’t know how this found it’s way to me.  Perhaps it is no  surprise, those that know me know I love music and dates so this is just wows in my book.

Heads up to Josh for putting it together… ever wondered what was the No 1 song on the day of your birth or any other special date?

Hmm there are some seriously odd ones out there making me wonder just who was listening to them, who made them NO1’s??? Ok, you’ll see what I mean. 

Click through on the month of your birthday then on the date followed by the year – if you want to share copy the song they say and paste it down below.. come on it’s a laugh!

Me? “Boogie Oogie Oogie” by A Taste of Honey [watch the video its a classic PLUS the person who created it was SF… destiny!!!]

The universe obviously knows that I LOVE to dance!













Dare ya to share!

12 thoughts on “No1 song on your "day"

  1. Lindsey oh man that is just to funny rofl!

    Bojinx oh boy oh boy

    Robert you are only 21 aren’t you???

    Nikki that is just awesomely wrong… that is my jealousy rearing its head there see dangit!

    Vishesh lol kewl song and what be I looking for on that blog of yours pray tell, there is some awesome poetry though!

    Joy am jealous of your song as wells, not right I tell you (don’t tell anyone that I know that song oks)

  2. Maybe way too good to be true! Daydream Believer! Yeah… Both parts are pretty spot on. Hehe!


    Huh! Wait! Now you know I am an old oom already. Oh gosh darnit.

  3. Vanessa LOL No one named Sheila? In Australia all women are called sheila’s, we must get an Aussie near you soon!

    AA … by the Monkeees! ROFL sorry I decided to guess the date and I got it right first time, me and numbers but you did seem like a 10th to me – am I right oom?

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