For Bostonites…

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“I am a Yankees fan,” a first-grade teacher explains to her class. “Who likes the Yankees?” Everyone raises a hand except one girl.

“Janie,” the teacher says, surprised. “Why didn’t you raise your hand?”

“I am not a Yankees fan.”

“Well, if you are not a Yankees fan, then what team do you like?”

“The Red Sox,” Janie answers.

“Why in the world are you a Red Sox fan?”

“Because my mom and dad are.”

“That’s no reason to be a Red Sox fan,” the teacher replies, annoyed. “You don’t always have to be just like your parents. What if you mom and dad were morons? What would you be then?”

“A Yankees fan.”


SF: I couldn’t resist…

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  1. Oh, I ‘m feeling magnanimous since they didn’t even make the playoffs this year. This is a great story for every other year, however! It’s Wednesday (at least here, the deadline for “absence”. Did you do it?

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