My Quirks and Addictions – A meme

I’ve been tagged to do a meme about my quirks and addictions (Amber you are such a starball!).  This is supposed to be an opportunity for you to get to know your blogging friends better, so I’ll try to confess to obsessions I haven’t previously mentioned… just please remember I do break the rules at all times so this time I’ll try stick to the truth … yeah yeah



I am a Virgo, what more can I say.  I absolutely love straightening skew things – things hung wrong can agitate me sometimes (ok FINE most times) to distraction

Food – I am a very VERY visual person which means that while eating a meal (any meal) there can’t be any talk of cut off limbs, animals or anything even remotely linked to the food I am eating.  If the topic arises and I get the visual (I literally think visually) then I can’t eat, I have to put my plate to one side and if the topic continues after I’ve asked for it to be changed I leave the table.

I will do anything for anyone who has compassion and kindness of heart, if you don’t have those then generally I can come across like a cold hearted poodle.

I am very slow to anger, it can take ages and ages to get a rise out of me but push me long and hard enough I scare people.  It’s just one of those things, a panda bear turns into a tiger – never physical but I have a sharp tongue especially when people I love are in danger. Ok actually in all honesty am like panda with rabies.

Please always remember to wipe tomato sauce bottle at the top, that gunk grosses me out beyond words… I can just see all the little germs nibbling away going “yum yum burp”. Gross.

I don’t do sweaty armpits. This came about after standing on a London tube in rush hour traffic.  The tube was so SO so packed that I had to stand gripping the rail in the centre, my nose fit quite snuggly into his armpit.  My smelling abilities have been hindered since and the faintest smell of sweat sends me into flashsmellback attacks.


Hmm well I don’t really have an addictive nature, I mean they say its in my DNA and all but I am yet to see it for real.

I’m not addicted to cookies, I never eat them for breakfast nor lunch and most definitely not for dinner.

I have never ever smoked, I mean gross! No, seriously I have never ever lit a smoke.

I absolutely hate chocolate, that sweet taste melting all over your teeth and then getting on your chin… YURGH

I hardly ever read blogs, I mean come on now, seriously… read??? BLOGS? ME? Forget about it (Marlon Brando voice over)

I hate learning new things, such a waste of time

Painting and the smell of oils drive me nuts, how people can stand to be around it let alone PAINT with it I just don’t know.  Pure insanity!

The sound of a camera’s shutter gets a bit repetitive, why have they never invented a silent shutter and click? Perhaps its just me but click click click = straightjacket material


Yers you are IT!

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