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Well I always find suggestions interesting but the new “WordPress” adverts just tickle me royally pink!  Have you noticed in that little “advert” bar all the suggested blog domain addresses?  Just classic…

WordPress tip: Be the master of your own domain – make this blog “” for just $15 per year.

First up, if you want to register your blog domain go to Google (thanks AngryAfrican)… $15 per year is a rip off they can give it to you for $10 and it comes with whole bunch of cool goodies (cool to me because they are new toys)

The story of Sanityfound and how it came to be

imageOnce upon a time in a far far distant land I encountered the monster of  sanity.  Now she was a fierce and strange creature with long green talons and the purplest of hairballs.

Many warm summer nights she would sit under the star lit sky sipping fermented grape juice while singing merely to herself “Twinkle twinkle little star”.  On the clearest night of all she encountered the king of the dark night and boy was he a mysterious creature. The Man in the Moon charmed her little polka dot socks off (we maintain it was the grape juice though this she denies) and they talked for hours on end about the most random of things. Shoes called crocodiles, Clothes called fuel, you name it, it was discussed.

One thing led to another with a few too many grape juices later a little surprise was born.  They named this new bundle  “” in remembrance of their first encounter.  Needless to say this little bundle of joy was a surprise to them both, who would’ve thought a few glasses under the night sky would create such a wonder.

Now the Monster called Sanity, who was in reality a Princess of the day, had a deep dark secret, a secret not many knew.  To everyone she was the monster who could talk for hours to the strangest of people, those she knew and then those that were new, always with a smile and a ready laugh, a wicked sense of humour and a sassy dance. To all and sundry she was the definition of extroversion but not to the moon.  The Masks of sanity were shrouded by illusion.

Time moved forward and discussions grew deep, the longing for another took hold of her and the craving made her weep.  The moon wingled and wangled, soon it was clear that another was to keep, the walls fell down and the masks fell away, the secret was out for all to see. “” was born with a bleep.

As Coherence grew and Encounter learnt to count “” was born with pure heart.  Turning grape juice to water and peat to meat sobriety was the stead who all would need.  The moon was once more overjoyed and said to all who would hear that “” was their new baby born (just between you and me he was not the definition of sobriety and hence got confused with who was who in the zoo).

It was not before or after long that the Man in the Moon discovered his error and took the corrective measure. He sat and pondered for many a night of what was to be and what he could see.  Sobriety was to Easy and his error made him dizzy.  “” was the reality when no masks were worn by sanity.

Wonders and crunders the realisation made him dance with warm fuzzies in his tummy.  Waves and tides came in and out, he had finally found his “”.  A new dawn, a new day, he had finally met his destiny. “”, growth and fate were looking after him.

The monster that is Sanity, a princess by day, was now a princess by night in the hands of the Moon with love and friendship, life was a new.

.. and that dear folks is how “” almost came to be

Sanity is not mine, it will never be, it’s an illusion that is filled with wander and want. No. I’d much rather be insanity for there is an in and no out but alas the name was taken so SanityFound I will be for in reality there is no such thing as Sanity.

*I don’t think I should write when I am exhausted though this is filled with symbology, those who know me will understand… yip I shouldn’t write while sleeping lol

10 thoughts on “Naming your blog

  1. Or, register it with my brother in law in Sweden. It’s 38 kronor a year, with crazy Swedish VAT it’s 47.50, which still is cheaper than 10 dollars. It’s around 6.40 USD. Per year.
    But of course that’s just the domain. I don’t know about toys and goodies.

  2. I adored that little fairy-tale of how the name came to be! It’s wonderful, and all the little descriptions and word games are just so fun. You write so well!

  3. Hey,

    As a healer – well a speaker on healing – I looked up the definition of healing – and one such was ‘a return to original purity’ what a fantastic way of thinking about healing – and…fortunately the domain was still free!! – without a moments hesitation i bought it!

    Kal (the owner of )

  4. Beautiful Sanity! Just beautiful. I really do love the way you write. You are an inspiration to me! To know that, it really is ok to let your hair down and to be. Because to me, that is what you do here! On these pages. You “allow” yourself to just be. To be who you are. And that is awesome! Big hugs my friend. Oh… and don’t forget to bring the cookies on thursday! 😉

  5. Vishesh Thanks hun!

    Dude dang done mine already!

    Deeps shhhh what book? Hmm now that I have found my personality again perhaps I shall finish it lol

    Joy thanks you lol I was so asleep, perhaps that is why I felt so free hmm

    Slightlyignorant we love word games and I do them often though generally it is just how my mind works… always in abstract and colour

    Kal welcome to insanity, will def go check out your site – the book is elusive in nature lol

    Jinxie I shall bring the cookies but not my secret stash soz tis just the way it is. Thanks hun for what you say, feel honoured that a seasoned writer such as yourself would think that! Indeed here on this blog I allow myself to be without masks, it is my freedom within society right now.

    Neilina, wow thanks you!

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