A letter to God about Evolution

Dear God,

I would just like to start by thanking you for making the dinosaurs extinct.  I can’t tell you enough how happy I am about this decision of yours. It was for the best, I mean I really can’t imagine Jurassic Park here on earth in 2008 can you? Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This said, I must just tell you, am sorry to do this but I do think you made a slight mistake in recent extinctions.  For instance the Dodo, sure it wasn’t the prettiest of birds but it was harmless by nature.  I know I know, humans destroyed them but then you created the humans with the brains… I know this God but still.


Why did you leave spiders on the agenda? Ok I understand during the 7 days thing and I understand till man created the bug spray but now that we have that surely evolution can take care of the spiders? Yes?

Ok perhaps if the spiders are to stay could there not be an invention or evolution of sorts to make humans unappetizing to them? At the very least not allowing their poison to have the affect that they do.

See God, they kinda like eating me and I kinda don’t think that I am so appetizing but they won’t listen to anything I have to say.  I try and put bug spray on me to ward them off but they keep on chomping at me.  I try take special pills invented by another of your creations but no, they do not take the hint.  Now I have been attacked and my legs are the size of hippo’s because of the swelling.

God why did you make me so appetizing and why did you allow me to be allergic to them WHILE I live in Afreaka?

Ok that is all for now,

Oh one last thing! Can you please thank the cookie angels again for the delivery, I am in heaven on earth for that invention albeit via your other one, humans.

Thanks again

Lots of Love


3 thoughts on “A letter to God about Evolution

  1. Yes… and please could you also ask the Moskweetoe’s to leave me alone? I need my blood… and can’t handle being itchy. If I scream and shout and become unreasonable its because of the Mossies!!!

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