Mr Beady Eye

Today I saved a fierce and wild creature from the jaws of a ferosharse wimp, sorry I mean Pooch.  I caught them doing battle while hiding in the bushes and what a sight was it to behold

There was pooch doing his rainman dance around this creature a thousand times smaller than him, trying to look big and mean but failing miserably. 

The fierce and wild creature just stood there with its beady eye watching the antics by the crazed dog with a wise grin on its face and as I approached? It stuck out its tongue… quirky old soul I say…


Cute yes?

What you don’t see in the photo is the little row of toofs that line his jaw… and yes to me he seems that he is throwing that “Yeah and huh huh PUNK?” look… don’t you agree?

We love chameleons

10 thoughts on “Mr Beady Eye

  1. oh my gosh!! i am sure glad you rescued him, he’s amazing!
    i love lizards, i have always wanted a beared dragon as a pet
    i always laugh when my boyfriends brothers male one head bangs at me & turns his neck black 🙂

    are you a fan of lizards too?
    haha i think this lizard is saying “you wouldn’t do it. go on, you wouldn’t do it. do it. you wouldn’t do it”
    like he’s dearing you to, but knows deep down you can’t go ahead with it 🙂
    nice post x

  2. Beautiful photo! He SO knows he’s awesome, I can just tell. He knows he’s tough and cool and menacing.

  3. His coloring is amazing. I had a little lizard once. One day, when I was still doing corporate work, he jumped on the keyboard of my computer. He just hanged around in the office freely for six months, mainly on my desk. I fed him worms and crickets, and watered him, even going to the office on the week-ends to take care of him. Then he got sick and I had to have him put to sleep.

    It’s crazy but I absolutely LOVED that little lizard. He was not as pretty as this one though.

  4. Joy lol don’t you think he looks a bit like a wrinkly old man? LMAO!

    DM OMG you are sooo right! Perhaps it has to do the wonderful wardrobe he has! Must say I am quite envious!

    Chloe you are definitely Australian if you think Bearded Dragons are cute!!! Dang gf those things have TEETH yers??? *shivers* suppose they are quite cutes but um away from me! Lol glad you enjoyed it and I can sooo see him saying that!

    Deeps I have packaged one up just for you 😉

    Vishesh lol yers me tooz

    Glaize missing you tooz huns!

    Vanessa that he was, cute in a scaly kind of way lol

    Slightlyignorant yip he oozed attitude lol!

    Nathalie your Lizard sounds amazing, what did you call him? Office pets are always the best, kinda like they are there to make the boredom more interesting! My old office only had pet cockroaches, both the human and non human kind! Got photos of your little guy?

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