Working winter to enjoy the Summer

I don’t know about you, but I suffer from the Winterassgrowth disease, yip you know the one where you get all cosy, eat more, less exercise and just be, that one.  Much like a squirrel storing its supplies for hibernation our bodies tend to hit this mode, anything we eat it keeps some back in “supplies” to keep our bodies warm.

So if you are like me then ten to one you don’t tend to work out or exercise as hard during winter as you would in summer.  First hint of summer and we go “oh bleep” and start a mad rush to get in shape so that we can fit back into our summer clothes.  Pure incredible madness.


In emotions it is much the same.  During the winter, sad, depressing, rough times in our lives we tend to bury ourselves much like that squirrel in hope of sunshine.  We build our defences, erect our walls, turn people away and run from our problems in hope that they would just disappear in our melancholy.  We spend our time coping, surviving and keeping warm, not working out our emotional muscles, learning from the experience and breathing.  We stop breathing.

Both you and I know our problems never just go away, if we don’t deal with our pasts, our issues or learn the lessons that need to be learnt they come back to bite us on our asses. We both know that they bite hard when they do and ten to one its during a glorious summer.  Because we never faced what we needed to, because we ran away instead of facing everything head on our summer days are shortened and tarnished with winter rains.

What if while going through a really rough time we hold on tight, we hang in there, we face the things that come our way and we breathe…


What if we worked out during winter, would this give us more time to enjoy the summer?

No matter how far we run from our problems they always find us like the genie in the bottle just waiting for that “rub” to pop out and throw everything back at your feet to deal with.

The sooner you deal with Winter the sooner you will be able to enjoy a true summer…

… breathe.

10 thoughts on “Working winter to enjoy the Summer

  1. In the allegorical sense, I agree with you completely. If we try to face our troubles as they’re happening, we may be able to get over them, get through them. If we wait and bottle things up inside, it will all explode long after and might ruin any chance of fixing things.

  2. Did you invade my thoughts? This seems to have been written for me. What I’m going through right now may just be to late and things, at least for me will never be the same. I’ve “listened” my whole life and now I’m just tired and worn out and you know what??? I can’t and don’t want to forgive right now. My life might be just better off without this person in it. I don’t deserve it and I just realized this last week.

  3. SI I couldn’t have said it better, I like the way you described it as exploding for that is true in the sense of feeling it – scary, has happened a few times to me hmm

    Joy I could so hug you right now so instead I am reaching through the screen and giving you a grizzly bear hug. Its the hardest realisation to come to, sometimes it hurts so bad it doesn’t feel worth it but it is, its more worth it than any words could describe. Fuckit, they’ve had their chance and they blew it – not your baby anymore,they’ve played their last game! Hugs huns, hang in there and sending you lots of love!

    Psych lol when I was little it is what I wanted to be, when I was 13 I started reading psychology text books… life deemed me not to be one but rather just a listening ear to my friends with bear hugs and love. You should write about some of the ideas you have and thoughts would love to hear them 🙂

  4. So true SF. In winter we tend to go into our shells and hibernate; seems as though no progress is happening. But often, there is progress going on in our minds and souls. There are revolutions occurring inside of us; though it may not be revealed until the sun shines upon it. Our bodies and minds are resting so that we can deal with those issues when the sun is shining brightly and thus we are more able to cope. We receive that dose of sunshine, which is akin to dopamine for some – and we feel better all around to deal with our issues. The universe is so perfect it amazes me at times.

    Blessings dearest sis . . .
    BTW, is it summer in Africa? I have a feeling it is – as you seem to be facing your issues head on, with faith, wisdom and courage!

    PLL, CordieB.

  5. Psych if anything its good for the soul just to write, to get it out, to go “aaaah” afterwards, you feel lighter.

    Hayden, it all depends on whats going on – I do believe that all will work out as it should, if you don’t believe that then you don’t believe in destiny, yes?

    Gypsy, thanks huns!

    Cordie, you’d swear it isn’t summer by the weather we are having today but yes summer it is! I like how you summarized it, your thoughts are so true to me!

    Amandzing you have been missed huns *hugs*

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