Self tanning for life

image Yesterday while out walking I caught a glimpse of my newly tanned legs sporting shorts that I haven’t fitted in to for years and was so chuffed with myself! I can’t tell you how exciting it was the fact that the mere sight of my bare skin didn’t cause my eyes to get glare cramp. Yip, you know the one where you look at something really bright and you quickly shut your eyes and rub them hoping for the pain to go away? That’s the one I normally get when I look at my skin, I tend to go a tad on the ghost look during winter. Not my fault, I blame my position in the queue on the way down to earth, that and my parents.  Look it’s like this ok, in the shower I wear sunglasses, honest, am not joking here!

So self tan really works for me, I get to cover over the glare while the real tan slowly seeps through becoming the real deal.  I don’t bother in winter no, what is the point? I am fully covered and sunglasses are kind of fun um yeah.  Moving along swiftly…

The truth about self tan though is that it wears off after a while with the ideal that when it does there would be hardly any difference in skin tone.  While you wear it you take the glare away and allow the sun to tone your skin colour with out the risk of lovely red peeling skin.

imageIn the past I’ve used self tan on my soul as well, sometimes it is easier for me to fake it till I make it.  When something really traumatic or big goes down in my world I absorb the news and then continue as if nothing has happened.  No, it is not that I am blocking it merely putting on a front for the outside world while I process.

If the process takes longer because of the depth of the “trauma/pain/circumstance” then I just keep on reapplying the self tan until I feel ready to let my own skin show again.

For me, being able to fake it till I have finished processing, works and I don’t feel an ounce of guilt about it either.  Perhaps it does for you as well or perhaps you are one of types of people who have no need for it. Either way if you do it or not there is nothing to feel bad about.

Always remember that sometimes the self tan is just a thin layer, sometimes it is a number of layers, it all depends on the glare on the soul.  The brighter the glare the more self tan that is applied but the one thing that is certain through it all is that there will come a time when the faking it becomes making it, the fake tan fades and the real true colour shows once more.

Faking always fades, it never lasts, and our true souls come out to play once more… you just have to be willing to allow it to happen and in its own time.


… Smile on …

10 thoughts on “Self tanning for life

  1. I tend to ignore problems too and hope they will go away. I know it’s really a bad way to be and I’ve tried changing so many times over the years but for some reason, I just can’t seem to. I think I’ll blame my parents too!!!! LOL!! What I’m going through right now though can’t be ignored and it’s been a very sobering weekend on many levels.

  2. Sometimes life just prohibits us from wearing the self tan, it stops us from being able to block it all out no matter how much we crave it…. Hang in there huns, grit those teeth and you know my ears are yours day and night oks? No jokes they are! Hugs!

  3. I always need some time to sort through things in my head. I need to go away and think about it a bit first. Make sure I’m not over reacting (I have a tendency to do this)… So I “mull” over things… and then I can come back, when I’ve looked at all angles, and have a word… Say how I feel and why. Without being all super emotional. That’s what works for me…

  4. Amber no dahlink how many times must I tell you… stop looking in that mirror!!!

    Hayden, in all honesty it totally depends on the situation, perhaps one could say that self tan is much like the “battle mode” … you cruise it, deal with it but kinda don’t get all fluffy about it till later

  5. Bojinx you and I are similar in many senses, I do that as well – I never confront a person immediately for that reason, I like to step back and look in from the outside, all the perspectives and the whys, understand it fully then I discuss… think that way is always better, less words said in anger, less hurt and just more love.

  6. I have used ‘self-tan’ for so many years now that I almost lost my true self. The colours are now fading and it feels good to feel my own soul remerging.

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