Wind Photos… and you thought I was kidding?


An angler seems unperturbed by the huge waves breaking over the harbour wall at Cape Town’s Kalk Bay. (Yunus Mohamed, Die Burger)


Gale-force winds in the Cape Town CBD were a little too strong for this policeman who ended up on his behind as he tried to cross the street. (Die Burger)


A dog sniffs the base of a tree blown over in DeWaal park, Cape Town. ( Neil Baynes, Die Burger)


Galeforce winds have brought heavy rains to the Western Cape. (Yunus Mohamed, Die Burger)

… see I wasn’t joking …

Give the sun back now ok?

6 thoughts on “Wind Photos… and you thought I was kidding?

  1. Photo 1: It isn’t a big wave. The guy is just really small.
    Photo 2: Not even the wind likes the “boere”.
    Photo 3: That was one “moerse vandisie os pis” if you ask me.
    Photo 4: Rond-om-talie. Weeeeee!

  2. Vanessa ya aint seen nothing yet, those poles are older than me and the wind is LEGEND!

    Joy we have lots of men here, does not help, can tell ya! Hmph!

    AA You crack me up “moerse vandisie os pis” ffs you had me spilling my red bulllllll!!! Dang got some in my shoes!

    Kwoneshe2 I dont know if the wind is that strong to pick up a cow but perhaps a bull? Lots of BS here!

    Bojinx it was sunnnnny todays can’t belief it, MIRACLES!!!

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