Q&A: Tracking visits & Views to your blog


Is there a more complete way to track visits/views than just simply clicking on “stats”?


I have tried a number of stats counters and have found that Sitemeter is the most user friendly and comprehensive.  Through their statistics tracking you have way more options than the others such as:


Sitemeter is so good its scary, you can either see who is checking your blog/site via locations, on the world map or just by what page they entered from… yip scary!

Click on the below image to open up their site.


Once you have registered your blog with SiteMeter you will be sent through to their “manager” section.  What I suggest is that, should you prefer, to watch a live demo of how to set it all up to go through their interactive Installation Tutorial.  This will take you through everything you need to do step by step.

Once you have the html code for your blog click on “Design” on your WordPress dashboard followed by “Widgets”.  Once the Widgets page opens up click on “Text” button seen on the left.  It will then jump to the right hand side of the page.

Once there click on it again and a small window will open downwards.  Right click in the area provided and paste the html code in there.  Click “Change” and then Save.

Once the code is in the text widget and all is saved Sitemeter will start tracking all your visitors, predict future traffic and how to pick apples from trees… No kidding!

Final note: Make sure to change your privacy settings otherwise Tom, Dick or Harry can just click through and see all your live stats including IP addresses and locations.

If you want Sitemeter and hit any problems, shout and I’ll see what I can do.

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