Q&A: "Books that I am reading" widget

Question: How do I add a list of the books I have read/reading to my blog”


1. Go to Amazon Affiliate Program Links

They may require you to log in with your Affiliate username and password

2. Put the book you are wanting to add in the search bar and select “books” or “Music” etc and click search

3. A list of possible books according to your criteria will then display below that bar, right click on the image of the book you want and select “open in new tab/window”


4. Once it has opened up right click on the cover image and select “copy image address/location” (dependent on your browser)


5. Open WordPress as if you were going to write a post and click on the little image button at the top right next to “Add media”


6.  Paste the link in the “Source” section provided and add the Image Title (the book title/author/etc)


7. For the Link URL section copy the address provided in the address bar for the page containing the book you are adding


8. Click center and then insert into Post.  You will now see the book cover that you selected from your Amazon account.


9. Click on the HTML tab in the top right hand corner and highlight the html code shown here, right click and copy.


10. Click “Design” on your WordPress Dashboard followed by “Widgets”

11. Click on the “Text” lying on the left of the page, it will then jump to the right hand side where all active widgets can be seen. Left click on “edit” and type in the title of your Widget, ie “Books I’ve Read”.

12. Once the title is typed right click in the bigger section and select paste.  All your html code should now be seen like below.


13. Click “Change” followed by “Save Changes”

14. Go look at your blog and you should see something similar to the below image in your sidebar.


*Note: Should you wish to add more than one book you can add additional “Text” boxes to your widgets, leaving out the “widget title” so that it follows directly below the previous one.

If you want to add “What I am reading now” or other and get stuck pop me an email sanityf@gmail.com and I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks again for all the emails and comments with questions, I will be getting to each as they come in.

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  1. ok, so you know i’m one of those people that like to have my hand held right? Who’s gonna hold my hand now? *sniff*

    I am so excited for you!!! But will miss you!!! Even though I’ve only seen you three or 4 times!! I will miss you.

  2. Going to miss you to huns *sniff* but I am only a skype call away, we can even have drinks together online lol… sooo can I bribe you to visit me in July??? huh huh punk?

  3. I somehow did it but I’m not sure really how. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the way I was supposed to though. But, it worked this way so I’m not going to complain. I’m going to have to keep doing it a few times in a row because right now, I’m not sure HOW I did it!!! Thank you so much. I’ve been wanting this on my blog since I started the blog.

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