Snow Magic


I woke up this morning early as always and quietly made my way downstairs to make some coffee.  As I got into the kitchen my eyes wandered through the windows and there before me lay pure magic, it was snowing, it is snowing!

I went to go stand outside, stuck my tongue out and tasted the flakes as they fell on my tastebuts… the taste of adventure, new found freedom and life. Pure magic.

Their garden even without snow is like a fairy’s playground, caste iron gates enter onto the wonderland filled with a little stream. Over the stream leads a little chinese bridge to wonders I am yet to find.  In the far right corner lies a little wooden house with brooky lace and chairs inside.  A birdhouse lies off to the left, 6 stories high with little entrances for the birds to flutter in, stands so tall.

The snow is covering it all now and its beauty I find hard to translate with mere words so close your eyes and imagine the true magic… this is the second time I am witnessing snow fall but this time it is magic.  There is no torment, no sadness or anger, no, this time its only magic!




16 thoughts on “Snow Magic

  1. Geez that sounds lovely. I am so pleased to hear that the environs are pretty, and you are taking joy in these first steps to your new life!

  2. SNOW! I’ve also only seen snow once in my life, so I know exactly how you feel – that magic of seeing it fall and being in complete awe of just how beautiful it is.
    Your new home sounds absolutely lovely, really like a fairytale come true. I hope it is just as happy within as it is beautiful without!

  3. You know what’s fascinating? One of the many things, I guess, but…I think through you we are all starting a bit of a new life, too.

    I live in New England. Snow is not a rarity. But, after reading this, I think I’m seeing it for the first time, (OK, second) too!

    This is so very much fun for all of us, I suspect.

  4. LOL… Sanity, you are like a new employee at a big new outfit.

    It’s all good…. even frozen water falling from the sky. 😉

    There is something magical about snow.

    Our “new daughter” is six years old…. (this was Friday night)

    When we come out of the movie it is (literally) freezing. Lindsay starts talking about snow and making a snow man. My Mrs. always feeds them baby carrots. So Lindsay says, “We can use some of our buttons for the eyes and
    baby carrots for the eye brows… Daddy can we buy some adult carrots for the nose?” haha

  5. Yes, coffee with the air of freedom; I am with Hayden; that is as magical to me as it is for the snow to be falling….

    Snow is magical, even when it is a hassle to drive in it, and to have to shovel it, we always still try to hang onto the magic and wonder of it all, and I do feel like I am seeing it through your eyes, and how beautiful it is!!!!

    I love you sister…..

  6. I couldn’t even respond to this right away. Just having this image of you in my head is like pure magic.

    Your really there!! 🙂 Holy Shit!! YIPPEEEEE I’m shakin them pom poms.

    Your free now. Just the thought of you waking up and making coffee because YOU WANT SOME. How does that feel?? The snow, I love snow. We’ve had it twice and I’ve grown up here but there is such beauty in it. The garden and yard, birdhouses and streams….you have to take some photo’s now for us. PRETTY PLEASE.

    I am happier than I can say for you dear girl. *Thank you God. I promise I’ll be good forever and never do another bad thing as long as I live*

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