Life is trial and error, living without regret

imageCordieb mentioned on one of her comments on her post “Spirituality Art Sunday  – The Walk from Smoke into Darkness” that I took a walk into the unknown, that I seem fearless.  The fact that she thought this blew me away, honestly.  For me it is nothing like that but more a life of trial and error.

I have made more mistakes in this life than I can mention without boring you to a sleep lasting longer than Sleeping Beauty. I’ve made both good and bad decisions, most times though the bad ones turn out to be good ones as well because they all lead to the lessons I have to learn along the path of life.

My biggest life mission is to live without regrets, when I pass on I want to do it with a guilt free conscience, one without regrets. In order to do that it means that I have to look at the things that cause regret and accept them for what they are.

If it involves someone else I explain my reasons or what brought me to do or say what I did and ask their forgiveness.

If it is something I did to myself then turn towards myself and I look inside, take a long deep look at the possible reasons as to why I did what I did.  Once I see the reasons I try to learn the lessons that lie there so that I don’t repeat it again.

If its a lost opportunity I do as I do for the above two, I look at what made me pass the opportunity by, why I didn’t grab it with both hands and hold it tight.  I look at it from the outside in and see it for what it is, accept the reasons for doing so and then move on.

Life is a series of trials and errors, there is no point fighting it, we will all have regrets but whether we look at the reasons and accept them is up to us.  Why should we sit for a lifetime and torment ourselves on something we did years ago for it only prohibits us from moving forward and living fully.  It stops us from being all we can be to those in our life, it prevents us from grabbing those opportunities that knock and can disable our spirits from being who we truly are.

We all make mistakes, none of them are actually bad because they all lead us to where we are meant to go.

Did I walk fearlessly into the unknown?

Perhaps I did but perhaps it had more to do with trust, with understanding and knowing the hard lesson of waving an opportunity goodbye because I just was too busy with regret to see it at my door.

Perhaps when you stare death in the face long enough nothing is scary anymore, you live each day.

Perhaps at the end of the day we all sit with the choice to be the living living or the living dead.

Do you live with regrets for years and years?

Are you the living dead or the living living?

It’s never too late to start living, truly living … face your mistakes head on, face those regrets and take the lessons in your stride… they just mean you are human.

8 thoughts on “Life is trial and error, living without regret

  1. So true; There are so many times that we simply have to step out on faith . . . and yes. .. it does take courage. Faith, Courage and Wisdom; it’s been inside of you (and me). . . all along. . . We simply have to draw from it and stay aware, strong and fearless! I really meant what I said about you being fearless; i pray you didn’t take it the wrong way – I meant it as the highest of compliments. However, I was most definately joking about you being innocent–but everyone knows that part had to be a joke! 🙂 lol. No innocence for you lil sis! PLL, CordieB.

  2. Hmph *gives the look and flutters eyelashes* come now sis you so know I am innocent!!! Was going to make a comment bout that in here but I forgot 😦 I am very rarely offended huns, honestly its hard. Was overwhelmed in all honesty by your kind comment, it was wows! PLL to you as well huns mwah!

  3. Hayden I don’t mind at all, she has been in contact with me and says over and over that she misses me. I haven’t told her to suck it, no, but she knows where she stands with me – don’t know if that explains it

  4. No regret, I have never had it in me to take that on. I don’t always understand the meaning of my life events right away, but I never regret my actions, even if I know those said actions may have hurt others; all I can do is ask for forgiveness, and take responsibility for my actions. I am not sure how I learned to not regret, probably from my parents, but whoever taught me, it stuck and I am grateful to this day.

    You go my sister…..mwah!!!!!

  5. There are certainly those “down” times when I sit and think I should have done this or I should have done that but for the most part, I know I did the best I could at the time. Life is just to short for that.

  6. Like you say, regrets ought to be fleeting: examine them and learn, then let them go. When we learn from something, there is no longer a need to regret.

    But it’s certainly easier to recognize this at the intellectual level than to internalize this at the heart level.

    You are a remarkable woman.

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