Stupid ice

You know generally I am not so stable on my feet on a nice summers day.  If someone is going to a) knock into something b) slip down stairs c) be attacked by flying objects be they walls or ants d) spill coffee on bare toes it would be me.

So true to my wonderful nature walking to school today was a true adventure.  M did his duck walk to make us laugh out loud, A did the sliding along the pavement thing with the biggest grin on her face and I just held on to walls making funny faces (apparently).

We managed to get to the school road relatively safely when A asked to hold my hand (I think she saw that 1 x souf effrikan was not so um stable).  She held my hand and that was when my life flashed before my eyes, I was flying once more.

First the left foot started to leave my body behind then the right. With a whoosh whoosh I was airbourne for a split second then the weight of my J-Lo butt brought me crashing to the ground.  A just looked at me all shocked, M was like whoa you FLEW! All the other kids just stopped in their tracks to check this crazy adult sitting on the iced pavement laughing so hard that she cried.

Seriously it was so funny and seeing me laughing all the kids started laughing with me.  A tried to pull me up once she and I had stopped giggling really loudly only for me to fall again. Yes, twice.

I elegantly eventually got up and stood my ground, we literally giggled the whole way to school.  Once there the kids thought that it was so funny that they ran up to all people, both kids and adults, to tell them of my famarse moment.  Hard not to notice really with a wet ass.

My knee is back to talking to me, it has been relatively quiet since my superman impression flying over dogs in August but alas… she says hello.

They are now calling me Blue Bummed Afreakan who speaks American and doesn’t steal cookies (I don’t you know).

Got to walk into town quick but I hope to write more soon, just really busy with a huge project for Amberfiresanity Design Studios, 2 sample humans, learning to cook real food, bake cupcakes and fly.

Hope you all are well, am missing you so much seriously.  Have such blog withdrawals its not funny!


PS Can anyone recommend ice shoes or something that prevents my ass hitting the hard ground everytime?

6 thoughts on “Stupid ice

  1. 1) Crampons. Bit over the top. I have a pair. And an Ice Axe. But then you’d expect that of me.

    2) A spray to make the soles of your shoes tacky. I think there is some of that in a cupboard somewhere. Once bought some for Mum to stop her falling over. It has never been used, I’ll dig it out for you.

  2. If you hadn’t insisted on wearing those 4″ heels, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, right? 😉

    I encounter black ice periodically on my morning walks with Sadie. Treacherous! I finally bought myself a pair of Golite running shoes. The mesh requires that you wear some very cozy socks (like, cashmere socks perhaps – yes!). They may look cute in the picture ( but they make my feet look monstrously large. However, the function outweighs the form, and I am no longer having a meeting of the minds as it were with the pavement.

  3. I still have the picture of you being attaacked by your pooch and the lemon tree in my mind… Did you tell the kids about that? 😉 That was almost as funny as there being only 4 trees in Blouberg… 😉

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