Craving your Passions


It has been over a year now since I last picked up a paintbrush, an ink jotter or  pencil, wire cutters or wood carving tools.  My only form of creativity this past year has been photography and the manipulation of the ones I take into something surreal and what I wish to paint.  I have painted with my eyes the landscapes that lie before me, of the people that have come and gone in my life and the little miracles along the way.

… but I crave the brush like nothing else, the smell of the oils and the feeling of it touch my fingertips, my skin.  I miss it more and more as the passing days fly by all made worse by seeing my art box lying in one of my 6 boxes originally packed up for my mishapped journey abroad back in October last year.  I realised in that split second that I am naked without it…


When my eyes befell that beautiful wooden box and my easel’s I felt the pull in my gut.  It was almost as if someone had attached a giant magnet to my spirit and was pulling me in.  Not surprising that I still feel that magnet attached and the craving like the one I had for cigarettes when I was busy quitting.

Art is more addictive than any other drug in the world or stratosphere…

After Christmas I am going to head into London and I am going to go buy myself a present.  Just a travel pack easel, blank canvases, oil paints and brushes. Hopefully they fall in to the “After Christmas Specials” category but if not I’ll just do what I used to do…

Eat and sleep painting.



My sanity



Sometimes when the craving for your passion is so intense its not a good thing to ignore it. Sometimes its just best to obey and accept that it is what you need for that point in time.

I need art….

I crave it…

It’s the ladder to my soul


What do you crave?

What are your passions?


I may not be a pro, it may not be all that good with my intentional mistakes but…

Art is my valley, my landscape… what is yours?

17 thoughts on “Craving your Passions

  1. I definitely can relate to that. Making music is my passion, and yet I haven’t done that as much as I wanted to. Like you said, when I’m doing my passion, I feel connected, I feel right. I’m not the best producer/artist either, but at least we are following our souls. Passions are food for the soul, we need to act on them in order to grow. Love your paintings, especially the sunset one : )

  2. Wow, You never cease to impress me, Your paintings are really great. Keep up the good work.
    I dont have an addiction yet to anything, however, i wish i try painting one day 🙂

  3. Beautiful, passionate work my dear sister. Your soul is there before us in these images.

    My passion? Ubuntu, giving and sharing and living and loving and receiving. LIFE itself. And, writing about life itself; I have reignited that passion for writing again, never more to be without it……

    I am so glad that you are not ignoring this passion, dear. Never again. mwah!!!!

  4. Well, I didn’t know this about you. The painting and the brush part..I knew your sensitivity to art was central, of course.

    These are exciting days ahead!

  5. How beautiful.. How thought provoking..

    My passions change on a regular basis.. I have created teddy bears, jewellery, clothing, decorated eggs, painted – anything at all just to create. If I can’t create – I become very morbid..

    My passion now is writing a children’s book.. Quite amazing how it is progressing – which parts of my soul are coming to the party.. Love it!

  6. Wow, Audrey… The painting in blue, of the nude woman – it floored me. I think I stared at if for about two minutes straight, just staring at it, just looking at it and taking in the feeling of it. You’re seriously talented, and you damn well should get back to painting, most especially if you’re passionate about it.

  7. Thats great girl! I can definitely relate! I used to draw a lot when I was younger and have always been fascinated by art…and Im finding my way back to it now. And really, true art is not in the object itself but in the eyes of the beholder, the emotions and thoughts it creates, and in the process of something being born, I believe. So keep it up!

    Thanks for adding me to your blog roll…means A LOT!

    Xmas hugs your way!

  8. Wow, your art is filled with such beauty and creativity. I adore all these pieces! Don’t let this passion fade away! Blessings dearest sis! Love CordieB.

  9. I am in a shock! Your paintings are GREAT. Are they for sale? I am seriously asking! You are an omnitalented girlm, there’s nothing that can stop you. I am amazed.

  10. Mikewalzman – thanks for the visit and your comment, it’s always nice to find fellow humans with a similar need for passion and understanding of the “need”.

    Shereef one day I will visit Eqypt with my easel and art stuff along with my camera and I shall show you – now just to organise one times Californian to come with! BTW when are you going to start blogging hun? Salaam

    Vanessa, Ubuntu is a good passion to have, one of mine as well though perhaps I have never thought of it exactly like that. Perhaps its because I have grown up knowing it that it is so apart of me that I cant separate it into a passion category? Hmm gotta think on this one mwah! Love you sister of my soul!

    Amber one thing is for sure you have passion for that click click click … admit it huns!

    Pat for me painting and photography can’t be separated, my two passions that are who I am and what I am happiest doing… I shall be posting some photos soon taken with my new camera *grins*

    Fibi wow! Childrens Books! Now you tell me lol we shall have to talk because I would love to read, do you have a blog? I shall send you a mail so that I can show you how to add your blog address to your name on comments k (if you have a blog if not get started lol!). I know what you mean, morbidity and no art in ones life, hell…

    Mssc54 lol nutter, perhaps is a bad thing that I never finished the series though I have been asked to finish it for some reason lol

    Joy once it is painted I shall unveil though I am both a virgo and a critical artist so my art has to grow on me before I show it – one of those niggly pains in the butts am told lol! I shall promise!

    Vishesh awwws thanks huns, am but a puppy when it comes to oils but we shall see…

    SI Thanks huns, am glad you liked the paintings from my heart and soul, that one was meant to be part of a series I never got to because life took over and one of the last ones I painted before the drought! Ah more coming for sure!

    Inwardsun, thanks you for such a beautiful comment, indeed it is in the eye of the beholder and their translation through heart, mind and soul. Am glad you are getting back into it – for us it is integral isnt it?

    Cordie, some passions are too great to let lie in hibernation for too long as you know… sometimes they come back stronger than before. Love ya sister of my soul!

    Robert wow thanks huns! They are all sold except for the very first one and a few I left back in SA, sadly the women was a gift to my sister and so off the market though it was part of a series which I am planning on bringing back to life entitled “” – each painting will depict a facet, this one was called Shy… now tell me which man does not like nudes huh? rofl

    Ilegirl, glad you liked them – perhaps one day I will do one similar for you, perhaps for your birthday *grins* mind you that is if I still have the ability lol mwah

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