The Impulse to run and to run fast…

imageSome people are runners and others find their feet glued to the ground much  like looking down to see that your feet are embedded in a floor of cement with not even the toes showing.

Those who have their feet solid on the floor often frown upon those that have the impulse to run.  They do not understand the reasons behind a runner or what sets off a sprint.  Often they will frown upon them and castigate them, laugh and pity them.  Often they do not take the time to look at their own lives to see their own legs were once free and sprinting.

I am not beating anyone up here just merely explaining the different impulses as I see them, impulses brought about by more things that just fear.

Fear, an interesting creature often put to blame for the impulse to run, but is it just that? Fear? In my books it comes down to our lives, how we grew up, our self confidence, how many times we have had our hearts broken, how many times our soul has been burnt alive…

There are no short answers as to the whys nor are there any short answers to the solutions, rights or wrongs.  Each persons reasons are different to the other, we are each unique and hold a different set of circumstances and life experiences.

If someone gets close to us, gets under our skin, a runners first impulse is to split the scene of the crime and not go back while a huge “Danger Danger” sign flashes in the backs of our minds in neon yellow.

“What if the person under our skin hurts us like the last person, I can’t take another heart and soul beating. I can’t risk breaking again because I might not rise again.  I am just going to mess this relationship up again like the last time.  I am going to fail.  They are going to see me for who I am and not like me anymore.  I don’t deserve this.  I can’t risk experiencing true happiness in case it gets ripped from under my feet again. No ways.  Stop it before it has even started, way easier. Run. Get out. Run. Fast get out quick! RUN!”

If someone is kind to us and shows compassion the same sign flashes once more.

“How long will their kindness last, will they turn into another person like the last? What if I fail them? What are the strings attached, there must be a few evil lurking strings just waiting to break me down again. Don’t trust them, they will just hurt you like the others. Don’t believe for one second that their intentions are good, no ones is, you know this, you’ve seen it over and over and over again. Run. Before they break your heart and your faith in humanity forever more.  I won’t get up again if I stay around to see it all fall. Get out. Run. Fast, quick get out! RUN!”

… and so it goes, the impulse to run.

Survival of the fittest, I’ll get out before you get the chance to break me to the point I won’t be able to get up again.

Survival of the weak or of the brave?

Fear disables a persons spirit from experiencing true happiness, beauty in the small moments and life.

Fear is a giant jigsaw puzzle with so many pieces that often it can overwhelm us to even contemplate putting it all together. But, once you start finding the pieces, looking at each different colour, shape, contour and patterns, slowly it starts to fall into place. Piece by piece the puzzle grows unveiling a deeply buried truth hidden in a locked tight chest within our soul.


Putting the pieces together takes a lot of hard work, no quick fix lasts forever.  Sometimes it can get so hard that we start to think that to even contemplate continuing our last thread will snap, shatter into millions of pieces.  All those puzzle pieces stand like a wall before us, overwhelming us and bringing us to our knees.

If you walk into a gallery you always stand back to take in the whole image that lies before you.  Looking at the puzzle we are putting together is much like that picture hanging on the wall in the gallery.  In order to see how much progress we have made and are making we have to step back and look at the whole.  Take in all that we have found out about ourselves, see the true growth and our stumbling blocks, where the other pieces fall and where the gaps lie.


Putting the puzzle of reasons for our fears, our impulses and our lives together is no simple four by four image.  It is the most complex puzzle with contours that put a 3D shape to shame but the end result is one of the most rewarding nourishing things that feed our souls.

Without realising it the pieces that you put into the puzzle turn into the walls that once stood in your way preventing you from doing things, the walls that made a maze out of your heart and blocked true joy from filtering through to your spirit.

Its a hard, scary, sometimes floor crashing journey but more worth it than I could ever put into words.  Making the choice to build that puzzle is our individual choice.  Each and every single one of us has one to build, whether you do it or not is up to you.

Are you a puzzle builder?

4 thoughts on “The Impulse to run and to run fast…

  1. There is a saying, a friend introduced me to. I was a runner also.

    “Dance like no one is watching,
    love as if you’ve never been hurt.
    Sing as though no one can hear you,
    live as though heaven is on earth”

    After countless times of me getting my running shoes on, ready to bolt, he eventually shortened it to “dance like no one is watching”, which reined me back in every time. Had he not stood by me, patiently, quietly saying those words….I would have missed out on so much, and would not be married to Ricky!

    I have that saying on my profile, printed & framed on my wall. More than anything, I want a bangle bracelet with those words engraved on it. “Dance like no one is watching..”

  2. Just so you know… I still feel like running sometimes! Even though… I know that running this time would be the biggest mistake of my life!

    I’m hoping that you will and do have an awesome christmas this year!

    Lots of love!

  3. Beautiful post, SF. Seriously, so moving… And so true. I always fear I will become a runner eventually. I fear that I’ll get hurt. But instead of running, I cling all the more, and who knows which way is better?

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