The kiss of the white feather

imageThis morning I awoke to sunshine filtering through my window looking out over  the fairytale garden, the birds were chirping with happiness in melody. Beautiful. I rolled out of bed and crawled down the stairs heading for the kitchen in need of my morning coffee and a seat in the garden with the special fairies.

I sat outside for many moments filled with wonder.  The site before me danced in beauty through sun rays dancing on the colours of all the living things.  As I sat staring I felt myself take a deep breath and I felt something fill me that I have never felt in 30 years of living.

I was filled with love, I felt it in every ember of my being, it was in every cell of my body and soul. Love.

Love for all things right there in the garden, the birds chirping and the leaves rustling, the stream flowing towards the end and the grass bending towards the sun. Love.

Love for all those in my life, the people who have shown me what it feels like to be loved unconditionally, without strings or restraint. Love.

Love for the people in the world I am yet to meet, people who will change the world just by being in it, by living and growing, doing their best and trying to make the world a better place. Love.

Love for the children of the world who are yet to experience the love I have felt this year. Pure love.

Love for the future I am going to have, for the things on my path that will take me to where I need to be, for my purpose and for the plan. Love.

Sitting on the bench this morning I was filled with wonder, filled with thankfulness for each single person who has come into my life, for their gifts of friendship and truth.

I am who I am today because of you, each and every single one of you. I am thankful.

The wonder of it all both before my eyes and my soul filled me with a peace I have never experienced in my life before.  As the tears flowed down my cheeks  a small white feather floated down and kissed my nose fluttering down to my feet.

A small white feather, the final key to a release of symbolic evolution to my soul, a spiritual awakening of rebirth to a new world filled with love and hope.

The symbol of angels…

I looked down once more towards my feet and the feather was gone, all that remained was the lightness felt deep within me and a warmth never felt a Christmas before.


Thank you


5 thoughts on “The kiss of the white feather

  1. Your always thanking us. It’s you to you know. We don’t just love “anybody” you know!!!!! You have that something special. I, thank you.

  2. Hey you, you have been the white feather to a lot of ppl out there…!!! Hope you are finally having and living the life that you always desired!!! Cheers!!!

  3. You write so well that it touches everyone. Thank you! There’s nothing like sitting in a garden listening to the quiet and finding something deep within yourself. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  4. This is it, what I have wished for you……….. I feel this one so deeply, and am so joyful that it is coming to you, that you are letting it in. Keep breathing, DEEPLY. There is so much more to come.

    I love you.

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