F/H: Perfume…

Two women get on an elevator. The first woman reeks of perfume and the second says, “What’s that perfume?”

The first responds, “Chanel #5, $99.00 a bottle.” The elevator stops on the fourth floor and another woman boards reeking of perfume. The second woman sniffs the air and the third woman says, “Paradise $149.00 a bottle.”

The elevator stops on the sixth floor and the second woman moves to the front to exit, lifts her skirt and farts. She says as she exits, “Baked Beans – 49 cents a can.”

3 thoughts on “F/H: Perfume…

  1. I can’t stand it when I’m twenty feet away from a woman in a stlore and smell their perfume!

    I usually say something nice like “Wow! You know, that perfume would last longer if you didn’t use so much.”

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