A day for broken plates


Oh how I wish I was Greek and had the excuse of a tradition to throw a few plates around and shatter them till they are mere shards upon the walls and floors or even better the excuse of throwing one in anger. There are periods in my life where anything breakable should be kept away behind locked (if not caged) doors, where the only thing I should be allowed to touch is plastic items that don\’t shatter (and I mean shatter)… I lose total coordination for basic things, the strength in my arms is non existent to the point that opening an already openned jar is, well, pointless even trying.  It is one of my big bad things that I am still coming to terms with no matter how much I joke, on days like today it is best I stay in bed for both the safety of others and myself. Damage count:

2 broken plates

1 splintered finger due to shattered plate shards attacking rather sneakily I might add (think microscopic)

One almost broken knee from connection with two cupboard door handles, side of bath and door frame

One displaced knee cap due to slippage on newly mopped floor

Displaced hip through connection with 3 door frames

Funny bone not so funny due to knockage of the two times counter edges

1 cup of coffee contents on counter

1 sugar jar emptied on counter

1 broken butter container due to missing grip

5 items dropping but not breaking (celebration time folks)

1 laundry basket full of newly washed clothes emptied on floor due to shoulder connection with door

1 displaced shoulder due to connection with attacking door

I should never have gotten out of bed, I should have gone back to bed when I realised it was one of those days, thank the Gods no one else has been injured… so far

9 thoughts on “A day for broken plates

  1. Oh my dear. You poor little thing. You crack me up though. This one was almost as good as the lemon tree!! Ooppss…I mean I’m so sorry dear Auds…*looking all serious*

    The next time you break glass, take a piece of bread to pick up the little shards of glass. They will get sopped up in the piece of bread like glue.

  2. Oh god, it’s one of those days for you? Don’t drive, don’t pick the kids up, be SUPER careful while in shower… you know the drill. I’m like you – butter fingers, clumsy and shaky hands, constant flying limbs hitting things. When we clumsy people are having one of those days we really need to watch ourselves eh?

  3. Awwww, sweets!!!!

    I am sending a carefully orchestrated hug to you this minute…….

    I have days like that myself; it is rare that I don’t spill something, break something, or have walls jumping out at me on a daily basis.

    I hope it passes soon!!! mwah mwah mwah!

  4. Joy you’re gonna crack up when you hear that I just dropped a liter bottle of juice on the floor due to fridge attacking my arm again *sniff* then tripped over the counter chair on the way to get a cloth… dang heh heh tff in all honesty albeit sore rofl… bread for shards – going to buy a bakery tomorrow that ones awesome thanks huns!!!

    SI it feels so good to know that I am not alone in this chaos, know that sounds funny but know you will understand lol, thanks huns

    Froggy, aye all in one day and more – that is the abridged version! Always ok just walking funny is alls lol

    Vanessa thanks huns! needed that hugs lol please may they be gentles! Mwah mwah mwah!

    Ok am going to bed, had enough of these inanimate objects having pms and throwing tantrums on my ass!

  5. Oh my. . . what a horrible day. Perhaps you should get right back in the bed this very second. Sending you some cookies and milk to put right beside you on your bed side table. The cup is made of plastic – so no worries. If you should spill the milk; don’t worry – don’t cry over it just get it up in the morning. Hugs Sis! PLL, CordieB.

  6. It’s one of those days!
    I don’t know what to do!
    I really want to throw something!
    Can I borrow your shoe?

    Why did I even get up/
    In bed is where I should be!
    Stop making those faces!
    Stop looking at me!

    That’s it, I give up/
    Away I will go!
    Tomorrow is a new day!
    But then, “What do I know?”

    Just for you from me!

  7. True story: last week I wanted to have a cup of tea and have some pancakes, and I put my plate for the pancakes on the burner for the tea, and the plate EXPLODED.

    Some days a girl should just stay in bed with a box of cookies.

    (((HUGS))) for you!

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