Goodbye Mystery Man

The news I got yesterday, I think it was yesterday, I can’t remember, I know it was this week, I know that for sure, when it was I don’t know… My Godfather has died and his funeral was today, they wanted a recent photo of me for the funeral.

If you had asked me his name yesterday I would not have been able to satisfy your question.  He was the mystery man that held the title of Godfather but treasured none of the traditionalistic obligations.

I am sad for the fact that I am not sad and shan’t mourn.  I am sad for the loss of life and the pain it causes his family as I would for anyone else who goes through such a heart breaking event as death.  He is a stranger to me, I didn’t remember his name, I don’t know what he looked like or what his voice sounded like never mind his laugh.   He was a good man apparantly, good to his world and good to his family and that makes me smile and happy, I have no regret or anger for the lack of obligation to something he agreed to.

How many of us have these mystery figures in our lives that are both nameless and faceless?  I personally love the idea of “Godparenthood”, I love the tradition of it and the symbology of it all.

The idiological side of me wishes it to be not right, if you are honoured and accept the obligation of being a childs Godparent then you should hold an active role in their lives, you are their spare mentor and guardian should there be a need.

The realistic side of me counter acts that statement with the fact that reality is such that sometimes people grow apart, they move, change names and phone numbers, we all move on.

Does this make a Godparent a bad one for not keeping track of their Godspawn?

Do you have Godparents you have no clue about?

Are you a Godparent who has lost track of your Godspawn?

How do you feel about this age old tradition that has been past on but spat on by reality?

What do you think?

Goodbye Mystery Man, may you rest in peace and be the angel you were on earth, till we meet once more.

8 thoughts on “Goodbye Mystery Man

  1. OMG. . . you know I never thought about it, but I’m the god mother of quite a few kids whom I haven’t seen in years. . . I’m not sure if my lack of contact and their lack of contact is automatic cause to have me loose god custody of these little (big now) ones. . . but I would think so. I also have a god mother and father who I haven’t seen since I was a little girl. I too can’t really remember much about them other than they were at one time friends with my parents. So, today, I officially recluse myself as being the god child of these nameless god parents. . . and I give up god mother title to those little children, who are probally well into their early twentys whom I’ve somehow, somewhere lost contact with. Oh well . . . life goes on! Blessings Sis!

  2. And besides. . . I’ve got the greatest god daughter of all now. . . and she’s an African Princess who I seem to always keep up with! She’s a true God Daughter, because God must placed her in my life for a reason. Lova ya!

  3. I’ll probably get whacked here but this is how I feel. I feel it’s a “religious” tradition. While I did baptize my boys, and I would do it again but Godparents are, to me, part of that process. They hold no legal titles nor do they have any responsibility for them. My boys have relatives and I do think that’s the way it should be. I am also Godmother to a few cousins and 2 nieces who I do see but no more than all the other ones. I don’t treat them in any “special” way because of that because I don’t think it would be fair to the other kids in the family to whom I’m not Godmother to. You know?? I have triplet nieces and nephew and how fair would it be for me to treat “just mine” better than the others? I don’t love “mine” any more than the others.

    I think it’s a nice tradition.

  4. Well, it is a religious tradition but some families do make more out of it than others. My kids, who had godparents who pretty much ignored that status, are very into who they choose as godparents now that one is pregnant and the other one is getting married. THEY see the role as special, the god child as special, and I think that’s really nice.

  5. Its funny… I take that as a very serious thing being a godparent. To me its no joke. You are accepting responsibility for that child. Anything that happens to those parents, you are saying you’ll step up to the plate. I feel like that is what should happen. I tried to be that way with my Liane… be in her life. Be someone that counts. Dunno………

    I think its incredibly sad. If you accept that title.. you accept that child as yours forever. Well at least I do…………

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