Balance and the Threads of Life

There is another DNA secquence that isn’t as obvious as the one discovered by the scientists.  The one that I talk of is the undercurrent, unspoken, often unthought of, more mysterious one.  Our DNA is fixed, we all have a unique set that may be similar to others but not exactly the same unless by chance we are a pure bred identical twin and even then the chances are very very rare.

The one I talk of is not fixed, you stand in the centre and it swirls and twists around you, turns and changes colour, is multicoloured and adapts to our evolving truth. These individual strands swirl around us, our spirits, they may be similar to others but are unique to our set of circumstances and who we are.

Some of these strands move faster than others, some have brighter more vibrant colours, some wider, some thinner.  Each one  holds a different option, different task or lesson we either have to learn or can learn, our loves and our wants, our passions and our purpose.  As time progresses, as we evolve, each morphs into something else adapting to who we are, who we are meant to be and the situations we find ourselves in.

At any one time we can grab onto a strand and go along for a ride.  We can grab onto the passion strand, love, family, career,  humanity, compassion, hate, anger, hobbies, the list is long, and follow it for a while till it evolves and we release it back into the whirlwind of change.  Sometimes those strands, depending which we grab onto and hold close to us become strong and connected to our core being, they become umbelical cords to our soul.  Perhaps it is the other way round and those core strands exit our bodies and swirl around us mixing in with the other strands, it is different for each, that is my belief.

Sometimes though we can grab onto a strand in the whirlwind that we feel is the one we are meant to keep forever, we hold it so tight and focus so hard on it that we soon only see that one colour, the colour of that strand, we become blinded to all others, they pale in comparison.  When the other strands start to pale the balance within the whirlwind becomes unstable, all the “weight” is on just the one we are holding onto so tightly, we lose sight of the rainbow around us, the bigger picture because our vision is narrowed.

The make up of  the strands I talk of is much like a yarn of wool, the more threads you put into it the stronger it becomes, the longer it will last and the more “weight” it will be able to withstand, it will become more elastic and flexible, more resilient and perhaps even more colourful.  If not given the chance to gain all those extra threads it will become weak and fragile, it will start to fray quicker and soon snap in two.

More so, even if the strand you are holding so tightly onto is strong, one strand can only last so long.  Hold onto two strands and they will last longer, remain strong.  Hold onto 5 or more and they’ll hold your weight for longer still but go with the evolution of the strands, catch and release, learn and grow, find the umbelical cords attached to your core and use the others for balance and you will keep those strands healthy, keep them moving forwards in time with you, you prevent the possibility of fray and weak threads.

Balance.  Think of a musician sitting behind a piano playing a beautiful melody, there is always an under current, those few keys he always hits but the other ones that he brings into the melody make it beautiful, make it the symphony that is heaven to our ears.

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