Whats so wrong with a snoWOman with cleavage huh?

All you ever see is snowmen with nothing but carrot noses and stick arms.  Yip you guessed it, I now officially have a new appreciation for a “snow day” ie snowed in, cars won’t move and last time I ventured out for a(nother) snow fight it was at its deepest mid calf.

Now take a moment to sit back and appreciate.  I am a souf effreakan who hasn’t had much experience with true snow, a few falling melting flakes sure but nothing like 18 hours straight snow, nothing like trees full on white or ground all fluffy and purdy. Nope, this south effreakan has seen lots but never this! Sorry anyways, as I was saying… picture it.

First thing this morning I open the eyeballs to a white wonderland embedded in the golden hue of sunrise (lights of the town), I was mesmerized to the point of speechless.  Got on the puter and started to work (we got a new project yipee) slowly sipping my huge coffee (not classy enough for latte’s just yet but working on it she says with pinky in air) … it was bliss, pure heaven, a wonderland of wows.

Imagine golden glow… imagine… you can do its

The kids then started to awaken and the house was filled with joyous squeals and screeches as they went for their boots, jackets and hats – naturally they thought it was summer like weather and a few layer interventions had to take place but nothing dampened their mood.  I have never seen a snow fight happen so fast… I will not be post that video… (one headed for my face indeed)

Real snow… yip you gots it… SNOW
After the morning snows… it never stopped swear it!
Beautifuls yes? Look how white it is… WHITE! ooo sooo fluffy tooz
Our lil wee towns … even the locals were excited am telling you!
Ok boring shot for most but check check WHITE leaves!!! How cool is that???
A winter wonderbaarland (wonderful to the max) indoods yes?
Reminds me of the rocks in Hermanus back in SA… the foam on a hot summers day collecting at its edge… ah bliss … (heaven till you realise your toes are dead, gone, kapoof, nada, zilch… snap offable…
My souf afreakan bones were getting cold… so you get some shake here and there, our little stream ready for the skates but alas not my J-Lo attachment on the rear end
Frozen solid and sparkly with slimy green and frosted white
Skew photo… but it works for me because you can see casper on the far right shivering in a mound on the ground (see he looks like Casper right? Casper the friendly ghost?)
The abstract in me… this wheel though was frozen solid
Ah… snow flakes be fallin on me head da da daaa (ok my excitement is dying) – but LOOK how much snow there IS

You ready for the finale? Swear I won’t torture you with anymore boring snow photos – I’m just really excited over here, I mean you have to understand… Wait I show you last photo… we are very proud of it, very!

“Snow chick” (she looks eeeevil I know shhh)

Us chicks decided to do it the proper way, enough with snow people being boys the whole time… time for some girl power… We even gave it cleavage, the cleavage we lack.

5 year old: “My boobs are small but I also have boobs, they’re just hiding for now”

So there ya go…. SNOW!

Am kinda over the whole snow thing now… if you read this far, thank you for putting up with my excitement, know you prolly so used to snow its normal for you guys, but for me… its a whole new world of adventure, snow fights (remind me I have a payback to deliver soon!) and snowchicks!

17 thoughts on “Whats so wrong with a snoWOman with cleavage huh?

  1. I understand your excitment completely, it’s like I would wake up one morning with lions and zebras and elephants all over the place when for you those are just normal pets… kinda 😀

  2. LMAO….that is the single most adorable funny thing I’ve seen in a long time. Mostly because it was partly made by you! A snoWOmen with boobies!!!!!!! HA LMAO again! ONLY YOU!!! You make me smile just knowing how excited you are for the snow. The snow looks so fluffy, ours is dirty and brown now, we need a nice new layer of the fluff!!!! Ohhhh it is snowing right now, very lightly….YAY!!!! You could come here and put that J lo attachment to the test (mines held up pretty well)…we have lots of ice!!!! Oh girl you make me laugh!

  3. Welcome to our world. I saw this on the news today and thought of you all and wondered how you’d deal with it. You did very well I may say. I loved that wheel. Good eye with that. That snowWOman is just hilarious. She kind of reminds me of me!!! LOL!!!! Have fun. I’m sure it won’t last very long but enjoy it while it does.

  4. We have a musician friend from England (Lou Brown) who posted about snow this morning on her facebook page..bet it was the same snow system. loved the photos….even though we’ve had over 100 inches of the white stuff already this year, I still LOVE snow.

  5. You had to go to England to have an actual snowday! It is beautiful isn’t it when it is new. I am not a snowlover after that, just because I don’t like the mess or to drive in it. Never saw it as a kid, now that is when everyone should see snow and go to Disneyland! The snow lady is lovely. Smiles.

  6. Froggy lol, nothing like having a lions raw as your personal alarm clock aaaah those were the days of the Umfolozi farms!

    Nikki – glads you enjoyed it and it made you laugh lol that plunger… well the story goes like this… at first the snoWOman was a SnowMAN and the plunger as selected by the 5 year old was going to be its hat… but seen as it changed into a woman we felt it not so fitting and discarded it to the side… was wondering who would pick that up first 😀

    Joy you’re the best, indoods it has already started melting after another snow day indoors with all the troops, think even they are exhausted now and thankfully no more attempts at snowWOmen 🙂 Jeepers its cold! How do you live with this for so long??? And no not at all like our creation, you be sweet and ours looks eeeeeevil

    Amber indoods… she is the cutest

    DM I guess you gotta really love snow to love it, don’t know – tried to walk in the street today and found myself learning to ski pretty quickly!

    Girlswithoutshoes have missed you huns *hugs* aye, not a driver but must admit it looks yurgh to drive in and already saw an accident on our road yesterday thanks to the ice… after learning to ski today can’t say I am not happy it has stopped lol… it looks pretty though… ooo snow queen I gotta see!

    Fibi, my home is your home always *hugs*

    Lindsey indoods, was fantabularse!

  7. You are so lucky you had a snowday where you could actually be outside! If we have a snowday it’s also -30 and windier than all hell. You take amazing pictures!!! Your snowoman is awesome. Glad you all had a great day:)

  8. Oh, this is a good reminder of the fun of snow. Best seen through new eyes. Although, each winter I have a new pair of eyes, I call them my December eyes, and love to see the snow falling, but, then, by February, I say as I said this morning, “I cannot take one more picture of snow!”

    February eyes need more than betacarotene. They need something green!

  9. 😦 Even I want to play in the snoooww…!!

    Woooww ISF, those are some really amaazzziin shots you got there..! All I have been doing is just been out in the sun for my project work…That’s it!! Hmmphhh!!!

  10. I feel the same way about snow! I just moved to another country from Florida, where snow is seen every 50 years or so. Though there hasn’t been much this year, every time it snows I get uber excited and just want to go out and play and take pictures. My friends think I’m a bit naive and crazy. I think I can just appreciate the beauty of a natural phenomenon that some people never get to see.

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