America… soon soon soon

It’s the reason I have been so quiet this week, spent majority of it either working, fending myself in snow wars (true progression from snow fights) and preparing my documents for the Embassy interview which turned out to be plural.

5am yesterday morning I got up and checked my documents for the millionth time (wish it was an over exaggeration)  and at about 6.30 peeked outside to see what the weather was like… low and behold… it was friggin snowing again.  True as nuts the day was set out to be a rough one, checked the trains and nada ka pada, all were cancelled.  Got the call at 7.30 saying that school was closed as well… so a mad rush to find baby sitters (Mr V the life saver of the century had offered to risk his life and limbs to drive me into London) and figure out how the hell we were going to do the last minute things (one that I had forgotten.. shuddup… the photos)

Anyways got to the security and first tried to open a sealed door with armed guard behind thinking that that was the entrance… he waved a gun at me and pointed the right section… off I went then was told “Please remove your belt” to which I responded “My pants are going to fall off and never before have I stripped in public”, they laughed and I went back to the gun bearing dude.

When he opened the door I told him that I suffered from the bad direction virus suffered by most women and to please forgive me.  He laughed.  Then I asked them when O when I could put my belt back on because my pants were falling off, they said only inside the building.  I then told them not to look and to switch off their cameras if they do fall off! The cheek of them then said… wait for it… “Best do the duck walk and they’ll sell the video on ebay” the cheeky barstwards!

I then, closely resembling a duck, walked to the main Visa department and all I saw was a sea of people, bored people. Bored people are never a good sign when you enter a room, its a sign that you too shall be succumbed with boredom soon.  I took my seat and felt like destiny was sitting right besides me, I was calm, collected and smiling to myself (you should have seen the fashion styles in that place!).

It was one of the freakiest experiences sitting there and taking it all in, the two booths that I sat near housed the most friendliest American officials I have ever seen.  One man and one woman, both looked up and smiled at me as if to wink and say “It’s going to be ok”.  I spoke to the male of the pair and answered a few questions but he didn’t want to see all my documents, that I was to fill in the next form and will be called for my interview.  Totally confused I was, I had had no idea that there were TWO interviews!

So I sat, admired more eye sore candy and did my sodoku quietly.  Everyone else was being called but my number just wouldn’t come up on the screen.  I was one of the last people to get called for the interview and I was starting to think that there was something wrong.

I went into the lady’s cubicle and stood with the bomb proof glass between her and I, answered 3 trick questions and kept on trying to pass her my proof, hotel bookings, etc.  She just kept on saying “nope its ok”.  Eventually towards the end she said to me “I give you an A+ for effort but I don’t need to see any of your documents, your visa has been approved!”

It took a few seconds to register, perhaps a little more than a few.  I said thanks a million and went to pay for the courier service that will bring me my passport with visa attached back to me next week.

Last night we booked my ticket to the states, it felt as though I was dreaming.  This morning I woke up and it still is all surreal, not real at all…


Destiny sat next to me, I felt her with me

I am going to America, very very very soon

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