The hype about Susan Boyle

Before I continue with this post, first watch the below video and see what you think…

I’ve seen that name around quite a bit recently, you name it, facebook, blogs, general news and then about 30 emails telling me to watch it.  I didn’t, that is until last night on youtube.

It was fascinating to watch the crowd pull their faces and groan at this 47 year old walked on stage in her best dress and semi-flat heels, big smile on her face and determination in her stance.

The whole hype is valid in the sense that it stops a person in their prejudice tracks and teaches them an all important life lesson in a second, one that normally goes by the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

The other lesson is that no matter what your age is, if you have a dream go for it, so what if people laugh at you because the satisfaction will be yours in the fact that you at least tried… and who knows you might actually succeed against the prevailant odds.

I love human nature, I love watching the inner fight for survival and seeing people find inspiration to go on in stories like this one, in people who stand up and say screw it I’m doing it.

Ultimately it is not just Susan’s voice that captivated people but the symbol of hope and inner fight that she carries with her.  People watch that video over and over again, each time gaining more resolve to go on, to keep fighting to survive.

I had goosebumps because she lifted so many from the moment she opened her mouth and put everyone’s feet in theirs… Hats off to this woman for her bravery and guts to follow her dreams no matter what others think.

A lesson for all indeed and a true symbol of hope in a world that is falling apart.

3 thoughts on “The hype about Susan Boyle

  1. I was guided here by Psychscibe and I am so happy I cliked the link. I remember seeing Susan’s face on the front page of a news paper but since I have cut the news out of my mental diet I remained none the wiser, until now of course!
    I have watched the clip a few times and it too gave me goosebumps for the exact same reason. As soon as she started singing everyone changed their initial perception of her and it truly was beautiful to watch. It warmed my heart watching this and you are right; it is an inspiration.

    Thank you


    1. Hi J, Thanks for the visit! Glad you found as I did something inspiring – its one of those “click” moments that have a life lasting effect… loved it!

  2. I am amazed at what I am finding here. I found you through J’s site, a site I found through the site called Zen and the Art of Tightrope Walking. In reading this particular post, I think I will go and check out this lady at youtube as well (it didn’t work when I clicked). Like yourself, I post photos and thoughts, mostly of a Jungian pyschology orientation. I would like to invite you to visit. I am adding you to my blogroll. I will be back. Thanks.

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