The beauty in the light before a storm

DSC00743Have you ever sat outside just before a storm is about to hit, the light seems to dance off everything before you lighting up the landscape of nature.  Right before the storm hits is when I love to get my camera out and take photos, the clarity and contrast, the beauty and light just perfect.  Such as it is in life in so many ways.

Optimistic versus pessimistic, a choice of how we view the last light before the storm hits.  We look up into the sky and see it dark with heavy water laden clouds and we choose how to brace it.

Do you enjoy the last light, the beauty in it or do you see the storm coming and shut all the windows, put all the things that could get wet out of the rains way and find shelter cursing the weather Gods?

Some storms don’t have that magical light preceding it but is it because our eyes are closed to it or because the storm started way before and we were just avoiding it?

Those who have experienced many storms in their life learn to enjoy that special moment before the storm hits.  Knowing that it will be a while before they see the sun again they enjoy every moment they have but sometimes even the weather torn people forget to enjoy the little moments of joy.

Life isn’t life if we run from the storms, life isn’t life if we don’t learn to enjoy the little moments of pure beauty and happiness…

Life isn’t life without living through each and every moment… sometimes harder than it seems but ultimately a choice each of us carries with us.

4 thoughts on “The beauty in the light before a storm

  1. ha ha just what I need…and everytime I see those lights before a storm comes in , I sit ,watch , feel and enjoy it…. 😀 and then whatever the storm does , we know that it is just a blanket hiding better things…. 😉

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