Being an Ordinary Superhero

It’s a hard life being a Superhero don’t you think? I mean you get up out of bed, put your special gear on, decide whether to put your underwear under your clothes or above, brush your sparklies in your mouth and hopefully your hairballs, don some funky kick ass shoes and start your day.

You either walk or jump in your car mobile that is painted in your superhero colour scheme and off you go to work or to school.  Once there you interact with a wide variety of people, some that require superhero levels of patience, some that need guidance from your wisdom bank and perhaps others that step on your newly polished shine in the dark feet.

You finish your day by another trip in the car mobile or leg mobile and head homeward.  Homeward you extract the Superhero “day clothes” and don the Superhero “Evening garb”, prepare some superhero food and perhaps enjoy some specially fermented grape juice.

Bed time arrives and you once again brush your sparkly whites, don another set of superhero bed clothes and head to dreamlands of your choosing.

The normal day by most standards, add in a few kids here and there for those Superhero’s who have reproduced or found themselves with sample superhero’s and voila you got your day.

What makes the ordinary Superhero a Superhero?

The stuff in between that is so natural as all of the other stuff that it doesn’t even feature in a mentionable, its ordinary and normal for them and more often than not goes unnoticed.

Walking outside ready for the day the Superhero see’s a hurt or sick animal and goes to it, tries to help it, feed it if it needs feeding and keeps it warm.  The Superhero tries to heal it if it can, it doesn’t really stop till it knows it can’t do anymore for the animal in its care.

On the walk to the office or school the Superhero see’s a child or person trip and fall down.  The Superhero doesn’t just walk past and act like he or she never saw it, they are the ones that stop and help them up, brush off their knees if the situation requires and makes sure that they are ok before continuing.

During the day they come into contact with someone that seems to be having a bad day, the Superhero stops what they are doing and tries to change that persons life just for a few moments by spreading a bit of light.  Sometimes the Superhero is successful, sometimes not, but he or she tries anyway in the hope that they will make a slight difference.

On the way back home the Superhero eats the sandwich he or she forgot to eat for lunch, as he or she walks down the road they see a poor person sitting on the side of the road eating out of a plastic bag that looks like its original destination was the garbage can they sit next to.  The Superhero bends down and gives the person the other half of his/her sandwich smiles and walks on smiling.

As the Superhero goes about his/her day they don’t really think about all their Superhero duties that they accomplished or did, they don’t think to tell the first person they meet or greet, they smile internally knowing that they tried to help another living thing and that is enough for them.

They are the ones that lie in bed at night thinking of ways to help more, they worry about the animals and if they are fine, they worry about the children and the other Superhero’s, they concoct ways to fix things and dream of a world that is different.

A Superhero is ordinary by all accounts, a human with faults and gifts, but a Superhero they are for sure.

11 thoughts on “Being an Ordinary Superhero

  1. Superheroes don’t always think of themselves as superheroes, either. They are just doing what they do. Loving the world and spreading the joy.

    Life is surely good. Makes me want to go home now and put on a pair of Supergirl pajamas………

  2. You have a very interesting blog. I will stay tuned! I also believe being a superhero is A+. You make a lot of people happy, and that’s what I love to do! Come visit me , if you are not too busy rescuing people! hahal

  3. Vanessa, lol get those jammies on sistah!

    Doraz welcome to the home of insanity! Lol I’ll come a knocking but what is your blog addie because it’s not attached to your name on the comments – place your blog address in the “website” input area under your user profile 🙂

    Sue Awwws cute you are, I had a quip but it would come out all funny dang… you superhero you!

    Joy bring it on come now you so know me… we LUFF sarcasm *grins big*

  4. And I reckon that each and everyone of us has the ability to be one… its just that sometimes, the way is lost… and everyone is so busy watching out for themselves, that they forget about the others… :(.

    We all have a super hero in us…… just waiting to burst out!

  5. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone took time everyday to be an Ordinary Superhero?

    Doesn’t take a lot, just a commitment to recognizing opportunity and taking the time to do so.

    Thanks for a great post!

    Spreading Joy Daily!

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