This is your Awakening, not your Ending


I used to think that the road we walk is the one that we walk…

When life seems so black and white, when the world feels like it’s crashing down and that the end has to be near because there is nothing to live for anymore.  When you sit there with a bunch of pills in your left and a bottle of the finest whisky in your right, believe that it is not the end but that in order to appreciate what is about to come your way you have to hit rock bottom and truly feel it through every ember of your being.

Life is anything but black and white and crawling out of the hell you find yourself in is not going to be easy but the sunshine on the other side is filled with incredible warmth.  Hard to believe, but as you surface you’ll find yourself reborn and fresh, ready to take on the world like you would never have believed possible.

The future is a scary thing but once you accept that it is scary and that fate will throw what it will at your feet, when you accept that life will deal you a bucket load of dark times in order to show you just how worthwhile life is.  Bullshit though it may seem but truth it is.

You are less alone than you think or believe, there are people in this dark world that will bring you light and healing love if you’d just give them a chance.  Believe that they aren’t going out of their way reaching out to you just to turn their backs on you like others have done before.  These people can lift you up and help you to shine, they can and will give you a hand up but not push you down.

Truth is you are the one that pushes down, you believe with your whole heart that you aren’t worth their time, you are worthless and have nothing to give this world.

Oh how wrong you are, how wrong.  The wisdom from experience and the amount of love you have inside you to share with the world can make a difference in others lives.  The love you have to give is pure and healing to others that need it.

I know right now you are raw, the deep cuts on your heart and soul are ripping you apart.  As you lie in that fetal position praying for the pain to stop, that nothing could ever make it better, that nothing will ever feel right again.

What you are going through has to be felt

This is your awakening

Your rebirth to a life that you were meant to live

Accept fate and understand that rainbows are on the horizon

You are a drop in the pond and the ripples are felt

Push forward, don’t give up, keep fighting

Don’t ever stop fighting


Your Future Self

Your thoughts?

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