What I have learned…

0rikxjju3lk080hvdI have learnt that …

Life will always challenge you in order to keep you on your toes so that you don’t stagnate and in turn smell of stale air.

It is very rare that you actually have a real choice whether you go through a traumatic experience or not.


What we make of a bad situation or decision is up to us no matter what anyone says.

You may be born into a family but whether you put up with their shit or not is up to you.

You can choose who your real family are and they can be closer than all else

I can live with pure silence but can’t live without music


I am stronger than I ever thought I was

My view on both my body and soul is warped in comparison to what others see

Cookies taste great but don’t look good on your thighs or stomach

Creativity is essential to my whole, to my soul and everything that I am.


Looking through a camera at the world opens your eyes far more than without

Take a deep breath before saying anything especially under stress or anger, breathe, breathe, breathe!

That although breathing is good one must do it slowwwwly or run the risk of falling over.  Oxygen is important

Some people will beat you up, they can have hate in their eyes, cause you malicious trouble and harm; it only makes you who you are if you allow it to

Attitude is everything


A small drop in the ocean can create a tidal wave

Self tan washes off if you don’t apply it too often

Showering with sunglasses on during summer can recreate dancing in the rain on a beautifully warm night without the risk of birds pooping on your head or in your mouth.

Nature teaches me daily about the world, the way things work and myself


I can’t save the world but I each day I can try make it a better place, if not for everyone then at least for one.

I will never understand the cruelty in the world nor do I want to


The thorns do not make the rose, the soil it is planted in and the strength of its roots do

Some people take their place in the world for granted, they do not care and that this is just the way they are.  There are others, many others that do and together they stand fighting for the good.


Standing by your convictions will never be easy but the knowledge that you just stood by is far worse than anything anyone can do to you.

My childhood is nothing compared to millions right this minute


Unconditional love exists and is real, it’s reciprocated and it is all I dreamt it would be

There will only ever be as many stars in the night sky as we allow there to be


I have learnt that … above all else I am eternal student

3 thoughts on “What I have learned…

  1. You’ve learned a lot in life, and doubtless you’ll learn a million more things before your time in the world is over. I think you’ve made an incredible start there though, and if you can really live by the things you’ve learned, then you will definitely make the best life you can for yourself.

  2. Thanks hun, yip I have lots more to learn for sure, I could already add to this list a hundred fold but these really stuck out for me… ah we all learn, we all fall and we all rise again!

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