9 Long Years


9 years and so much has happened, so many things have changed, so so much.

I feel like reaching into the photo and telling the younger me what life had in store for her. The younger me would’ve just stood their laughing thinking that I was just quoting from a dramatic thriller with large bouts of comedy chapters…

The younger me forgot that telling God your plans only makes him laugh, that fate will always be the best baseball player with curve balls you never see coming your way.

My message to the younger me though would be:

Live each and ever day to it’s fullest.

Savor every moment you have and savor every moment you have with those that matter.  It’s easier than you can imagine to take the people in your life for granted, to forget that they will not be around forever.

There is good in every day, even during a thunderstorm, even when there is no sunshine on the horizon. There is good in every day.

You are stronger than you think, stronger than you believe, stronger than you will ever know. Never forget that.

Savor every moment.

Your thoughts?

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