The one thing I DONT want to understand about WAR…

image Politics, war and me don’t really get along.  I mean I understand it though I deny it, I know what is going on in the countries, I deny this as well. Why? Because it upsets me too much to even go there, to think about it or to discuss it.  I see the whole and I feel it deeply, when I look at images like the one below my insides become a mess and my heart feels ripped from its very veins.  I once said I hated nothing, I lied.  I hate war.

A Palestinian medic carries a child injured in Israeli shelling into Kamal Adwan Hospital in Beit Lahiya, northern Gaza Strip.

Politics = Power

Power = Greed

Greed  = War

This country wants that country; That country wants the others resources; One half of the country wants the power from the other; One man wants one race to be more superior than the other and murders millions.

Politics. War. Greed. Death

Problem is we can’t live without governance, that much is clear, history speaks for itself. Another truth is the fact that no matter how hard we try there will always be wars, the world is run by humans so there is no getting around that one.

There is one thing though that the world can stand up and be counted for.  Perhaps I am just a pipe dreamer but I have dreamt of it for so long that to me it seems just that much more possible.

What I hate about war?

The children. Kids. Innocent little sample humans who haven’t had the chance to live yet. Babies.  Defenseless and dependent on their parents without the means to flee the country on their own, not strong enough to survive the elements without protection.

Little people.

Why is it that when ever there is a war ignoramuses use children? Don’t throw me that bollocks about war being war, that it will have its casualties.  I really don’t care, perhaps these war makers need to stand up and be the adults that they are, be men, be women.

Pawns, that is what the children are.  Used as suicide bombers, caught in cross fire fleeing for their lives, bombed to fragments, ah children really are the best pawns are they not? These power hungry mangy greed filled adults use kids as their secret weapon.  Sick.

Worst yet? Media.  I love reading, I have no real problem with the media or journalists, look we can’t get away with the fact that we NEED the news (the real stuff not propaganda mind).  Thing is, what is real?

One week:

They print the photos of the children in the newspapers.

People see the images of the little kids being carried, bloodies and missing limbs.

We stare at the images and ask the question, who did it?

Those Israeli bastards!

Next week:

They print more photos of the children in the newspapers.

People see the images of the little kids being carried, bloodies and missing limbs.

We stare at the images and ask the question, who did it?

Those Palestinian bastards!

Around and around we go, one week we hate the the one and then the next we hate the other, both have killed innocent little sample humans who haven’t had the chance to live.

All that this accomplishes is confusing the externals, the people not hearing the bombs or fearing for their lives each day.  Confuse the public enough they won’t see what is really going on, they won’t understand which side to support.

Around and around we go.

I really don’t care who is at fault, who had the land centuries ago or the politics behind war, any war.  It all comes down to a few words for me:




It all starts and ends with blood spilled, death and worse yet, damaged defenseless children.

In an ideal world I would like to see all these politicians pause for a moment and stand up as one. Stand up and say “Enough is enough, leave the children out of this, lets be grown ups and discuss this like adults”

War is the big step up to a normal fist fight, fists are now weapons.  A country steps on your toe? Blast them with your missiles, no sweat!  Another country looks at your woman? Land with all your forces, bring out those big fisties filled with gunpowder and blast them.

Both the politicians and people of power, terrorist leaders and tribal chiefs, will never be “men”, they will never grow big enough balls to stand up and say ENOUGH!

I accept that we can’t change the way things are over night.  I accept that this is the way of the world that people are so set on solving problems in certain ways, with force. I accept all this but can not the people of the world at least stand up and say stop using our children?

Have your wars, play with your little armoury, exert your power… go for it.

But for God’s sake stop using the children, stop killing them, destroying them, ripping them apart literally and figuratively.

Casualties of war? Blow up the ones you’re really fighting not innocent children. Period.

Ask these kids what they think… ask them their stories… hear their voices…

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Just because it is seems to great to fix doesn’t mean we can’t stop it

19 thoughts on “The one thing I DONT want to understand about WAR…

  1. Ah, SF… I’m living in this now. I’m in Israel, at work every day with people talking about how we need to blow up the fucking Arabs who kill our children. They all ignore the little fact that Israel just bombed half of Gazza to bits in its search for the terrorist leaders and that Israel single-handedly killed something like 70-80 innocent Palestinian kids. CHRIST IT MAKES ME MAD.
    This fucking country, going to war every weekend – this country is one that basically has built itself up one war at a time, killing more and more young kids, more and more teenage – yes, TEENAGE, like MY FRIENDS – soldiers. You see why I got myself out the army? Because this country is so horrible when it comes to wars. We make every Israeli soldier who died a tragic hero that women all over the country weep for, but everyone forgets about the little Palestinian kids who were blown to pieced while walking down the street to buy some bread from the man on the corner for their family who hardly have enough to eat.

  2. Should I rant about the fucking Palestinians just to outweigh above horrible comment? I don’t think so. No need to sink to that level.

    The above horrible situation has always happened, happens, and will always happen as long as we humans continue to behave like idiots. Whether it’s a palestinian child who was playing next to a Hamas weapon storage that was bombed, or an israeli child in Sderot, or a sudanese or zimbabwean child slowly starving to death, or a pedophile victim in London, or a street child in Brazil.

    I will do everything to avoid anything happening to my children. Yes, I believe in settlements, and I believe in our right to live here etc. But if there are ever rockets on our home, (Hamas taking over West Bank and shoot Kassams from Rammallah?) I will be the first to leave. My kids are much more important to me than my ideology.

  3. Woah, I didn’t mean to be “controversial”, nor horrible, I just meant to put some perspective about how crazy it drives me that only the Israelis dying get the media attention. I seriously don’t agree with anything Hamas does, and I know that the current situation is inevitable in many ways. I just don’t like the fact that a lot of the world knows only the “poor Israelis” side. Or so it seems from the people I know abroad.

  4. Dude SI’s comment was valid in respect to this post – it doesnt matter who is killing who – thats my point, both are killing each others children, Zimbabwe, Angola, Sudan, Kenya, Congo, Somalia, ME, China, Tibet, Argentina, the world… children, children, children dying at the hands of adults who have their own agendas

    SI I know what you mean, depending on your country and who they support (it does seem like whole countries are taking sides on this one) then determines what is shown in your media. People need to know the truth from BOTH sides… but the truth NOT propaganda – hearing it from the people on the ground, people who have come close or have been hurt by the goings on.

    Dude, I love your family and I am glad that you will leave should it come to that. My home is your home and if you guys ever need to get out pronto I will do what ever I can to get you out – same goes for you SI… I am not there and above all else I do not take sides except for the ones that didnt have a choice, those of the children – they dont have politics, they have aerosol adults

    See this post isn’t about who is right and who is wrong, I like to hear your perspectives and opinions though so keep them coming.

    This post is about the children who don’t have a choice… children don’t choose where they live, what they eat or who their parents are, jewish, hindu, buddhist or muslim…

    I want some people to put their fists away and sort things out like the adults they are… that is my perspective

  5. What a post Sanity..

    Although I have spent years saying that I am non-judgemental – that there is always more than one side in every situation, I do not believe that there is any place for war.. Haven’t we learnt anything by our history?

    My Utopia – living side by side in love and acceptance.

  6. PS Just in case – This post isn’t about the Israeli’s and what they did in Gaza recently or the recent suicide attacks in Israel, it’s not about who has the right and who is in the wrong between those two – it was merely an example because it is the most recent “war” in the media by date.

    Hugs to both of you – living in fear I know well

  7. Fibi my Utopia as well, if each of us try to do this each and every day we live perhaps it will spread like a virus – I will always live in hope…

    We call it the virus of Ubuntu, may it always spread and with no cure!

    I am because you are

  8. You bring light to some poignant issues… very well spoken indeed … we search for meaning and understanding… some things should need no understanding… they should not exist… perhaps one day we will learn from our wars… perhaps one day innocent children will not be involved in the struggle for power and greed… perhaps one day they will be safe from the evil in the hearts of men… perhaps one day we will all be free from the ways of this world.

  9. Things might begin to change the day EVERYONE sees the green on his/her own side. To begin with, we have to keep helping those with no green at all. It’s a huge challenge but humanity has always been fond of challenges so why not that one?
    I know, easy and simple point of view but we have to start from somewhere and keep the hope 🙂

  10. Slightly,
    What made me mad about your post are:
    1) That you claim the world is pro-Israel, when it’s not (although it’s less anti-israelic during these circumstances)
    2) That you think all us israelis want to “blow up the fucking arabs” which is not true. See my blog post “tired” a few days ago.
    3) That criticizing Israel is not the subject of this post, and still you do exactly that.
    4) But what made me most mad is that you called my beloved homeland a “fucking country”. That you claim we “built ourselves up on wars”, when you know we never had a choice, and that you got yourself out of serving in the army, but still think you deserve electricity water and health care from the country.

    Anyone deliberately sneaking away from serving in the army defending the homeland doesn’t deserve to have an army defending him/her. Anyone like that deserves to have kassam roockets on his home. Sorry, that’s the way it is. How can you look at yourself in the mirror knowing that out there there are soldiers crawling in the mud, fighting and dying – for you. And you never did squat to protect their childhood. You could’ve served in uniform in an air conditioned office, doesn’t matter. This is not USA where the army is sent to other places to fight wars that aren’t theirs. This is defending the homeland against terrorists who would happily kill you, just for being who you are living where you live.

    Sanity, I’m sorry that this got off track, I know this isn’t the subject of the post. She just made me so mad.

  11. SF: Thank you so much for remembering the children in this post. As we can see from the comments above, this is such a volatile issue to talk about, yet the children should always be our focus; speaking for those/protecting those that cannot do it for themselves. I don’t live in an area that is basically a war zone much of the time, so I cannot say how I would react/respond/feel if I were in their shoes. What I can say is that I am grateful to hear that despite one’s beliefs, TDYK would leave in a heartbeat to protect his kiddos.

    Pipe dream to think it could be talked out? Probably. But isn’t it a better place to go than killing?

    War sucks……..

  12. I’m told that Arab’s mourn differently than Christians. Is that true? What is the difference?

    All of this just makes me sick with grief for each family.

  13. Joy am sorry huns, I felt the need to solidify what I was saying through graphic reality. Sometimes we don’t get to see the truth in black and white never mind colour…. sad

    Enreal we share the same dream you and I, perhaps one day in this lifetime or the next… there is progress even if it is hard to see

    Froggy, we always have to keep the hope alive for it keeps us going forwards. It’s easier to skip over the innocents for each of us carries a certain level of guilt towards them… human

    Dude I do understand where you are coming from, the truth is sometimes that we can disagree so much with what our country is doing and yet at the same time know that the options are limited to do something else.

    I don’t agree with the politics in my country nor do I agree with the corruption, manipulation and dishonesty across the board. I can not vote in someone who I know is amoral, for me that goes against everything I believe in. For that fact I would never join my countries army and it is why I have never voted. How can I vote for someone who has been seen to take funds for the homeless? How can I vote for someone who has 16 children from so many different women? Politicians who fight over who deserves the power more instead of the millions not getting the needed medication for AIDS because garlic is better? I can’t do that no matter what anyone says. Perhaps it is bad of me but for me by voting or joining that army I am agreeing with the killing of innocents, I am accepting their corruption and worst supporting it.

    Vanessa war sucks but one of the worlds worst realities, we cant stop the war but perhaps we can change how it happens. Pipe dream for sure but is it?

    Vishesh, sorry I know you have been touched by a different kind of war – you are doing an amazing thing with that joint website… keep going and dont lose faith ok!

    Mssc54 Arabs mourn no differently than any other religion or human, they cry and feel the crunch in their guts just like anyone else. The only difference in some senses is that their faith is stronger in the belief that the person who has passed is with Allah/God and is in his hands. They believe that so strongly that it brings a certain level of peace … but they mourn

    Sue thanks huns!

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